For some, it takes quite a lifetime to find fame and for some, it’s just a case of being born. One of such people who found fame immediately after her birth is Brittany Favre, who was born to NFL legend Brett and Deanna Favre.

The Mississippi born, Brittany Favre, though, is famous doesn’t have a sheer interest in the glam of the Hollywood industry. Off the records, has Brittany ever got into a marital relationship with anyone? Or, is she just dating her lover? Let’s find out!

Is Brittany Favre in a Married Relationship? Do They Share Any Children?

Brittany Favre is indeed a married woman as she is in a marital relationship with her boyfriend turned husband Patrick Valkenburg since 2011.

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Favre announced about her marriage with her beau on her Twitter account stating,

So I got married this morning. Today had been pretty dang good. 

The duo had a rather small wedding ceremony at the Forest County Courthouse. The duo took their wedding vows on the 26th of January 2011. The date is quite special for the Favre family as it (January 26, 1997) was when the Green Bay Packers, led by her father, won the Super Bowl XXXI.

YouTube: Brett Favre winning the Super Bowl on Jan 26, 1997

Regarding their children, Favre and her husband Valkenburg have a child together. The child was born several months before their wedding. Their son, Parker Brett was born on April 2nd, 2010.

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Parker is, however, not her first kid. She already had a kid, a son, A.J. before her relationship with Patrick. Brittany had an intimate affair with her former lover Alex Mallion before, so he is the father of Favre’s first child.

How much is Brittany Favre’s Net Worth?

As of 2019, Brittany Favre has an estimated net worth of around $750 thousand. A year before, she enjoyed a much lesser fortune of around $500,000.

Much of her earnings come from her career as a lawyer. As an attorney, Brittany generates annual revenue of $110,000 per year after tax.

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Moving on to her parent’s net worth, her father, Brett Favre enjoys a net value of $100 million, which he earned from his career as an NFL player. Likewise, her mother, Deanna Favre has assets of the same range as hers that is, in the range of $750 thousand

Mallion was always into law and wanted to become a lawyer since childhood. She is considering career in the sports and entertainment law industry. 

Quick Facts About Brittany Favre’s Parents

The Loyola University graduate Brittany Favre is the daughter of her parents, father Brett Favre and mother, Deanna Favre. Her parents met during their schooling days and dated since their sophomore years.

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At just the age of 20, her mother, Deanna gave birth to her on February 6, 1989. At the time, she was a single mother waiting for her partner, Brett to make a name for himself. Subsequently, in 1995, Brett and Deanna started living together in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Before their marriage, Brett hated and ignored Deanna and his daughter, Brittany. According to Deanna, it was all because of his Vicodin addiction.

Later, Favre and Deanna married on July 14, 1996, at the St. Agnes Catholic Church in Green Bay. Brittany also has a sibling, a sister, Breleigh Ann Favre, who was born on July 13, 1999.

Once in an interview when asked about what she leared from her father Brett, Brittany shared that she had leared to just put in work no matter how many times you fail.

Money can get you to a point, fame can get you a little further, but no one is going to pay me if I can’t do my job well. 

Favre believes in connections as a foot in the door but also believes that she has to keep the door open.

Quick Facts About Brittany Favre

Who are Brittany Favre’s parents?

Brett Favre and Deanna Favre

Who are Brittany Favre’s siblings?

Breleigh Favre

How old is Brittany Favre?

30 years old

What is Brittany Favre ethnic background?


Which nationality does Brittany Favre belong to?


Where did Brittany Favre graduate from?

The Loyola University of Law, New Orleans, Louisiana

What is Brittany Favre’s birth sign?


What color is Brittany Favre’s hair?


What color are Brittany Favre’s eyes?


What is Brittany Favre’s favorite movie?

Harry Potter

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