The movie industry is seemingly the best means for anyone to earn some degree of fame. However, not everyone wants to work in this field forever because they find better options to carry run their lives. In this case, the former American actress Brittany Ashton Holmes is exemplary.

Brittany Ashton Holmes appeared in few movies and disappeared altogether within a couple of years. Our concern today is both her personal as well as professional life.

How much is the net worth of The Little Rascals star Holmes’ net worth? Moreover, what is her relationship status? Is she in a married relationship, dating a boyfriend, or is she still single? Let’s find the answers along with her wiki-bio.

Brittany Ashton Holmes’ Net Worth

How much net worth do you expect of an actress who appeared in only five movies? Can you guess?

Net Worth and Career Earnings 

The net worth of Brittany Ashton Holmes is approximately $500 thousand. However, it is easier to blast an entire mountain than to know the exact figure of her net worth as she avoids being in the limelight.

Brittany Ashton Holmes movie
A still picture of Brittany Ashton Holmes as a child actress. Photo Credit: Famous People

Holmes reportedly played a maximum of five films. She debuted in the film industry as Darla in The Little Rascals (1994). The movie earned as much as $67.3 million at the box office, with $52.12 million domestically while internationally, the movie made around $15 million

Following that, she featured in three more movies: Humanoids from the Deep (1996), Death Benefit (1996), and Inhumanoid (1996). 

The Little Rascals (1884) trailer

The former actress, Holmes debutant movie The Little Rascals made a substantial box office collection of $67.3 million. In contrast, her next venture Humanoid from the Deep collected only $2.5 millionHer presence in two other movies is comparatively less significant.

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The currently 30-years-old, in fact, worked only as a child actress, for she completely stopped working in the movie industry since 1996.

Brittany Ashton Holmes Dating, Boyfriend, Affairs

One thing is for sure, Brittany Ashton Holmes is not a married woman, but is she dating a boyfriend? In fact, the question remains long-unanswered.

Brittany Ashton Holmes as a child and as a grown-up girl. Photo Credit: Post Hard

In the first place, Holmes rarely makes public appearances these days. Likewise, she does not seem to be active in any social sites. Hence, it is too difficult to keep a track of her activities and happenings in her life.

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Since the retired actress is pursuing a degree in political science, her sole focus seems to be her study. Thus, she might not be dating anyone yet and her boyfriend seems to remain a future talk for now.

Brittany Ashton Holmes Quick Facts

When and where was Brittany Ashton Holmes born?

On 27 February 1989 in California, United States

What is the age of Brittany Ashton Holmes?

30 years old

What is the height of Brittany Ashton Holmes?

5 feet 3 inches

How much does Brittany Ashton Holmes weigh?

50 kg

What is the nationality of Brittany Ashton Holmes?


What color are Brittany Ashton Holmes’ eyes?


What color is Holmes’ hair?


What is Brittany Ashton Holmes’ zodiac?


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