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British TV Star Rachel Riley Net Worth: How Much Is She Paid Now As Salary?

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Well known ex-TV presenter of BBC network, Rachel Riley is seen casually in TV networks. Having journalism background, she is able to gain fans and followers from around the world. But, there are also bunch of people who want to know the total earnings of her in her life. Today, we will be discussing about Rachel Riley net worth and her salary as well!

Rachel Riley Net Worth

Riley, 30; do not fall into the high tax payer committee among celebrities. She is able to conceal about her revenue and earnings, but we know her net worth clearly. Her estimated net worth counts $5 million and it includes all her luxurious lives along with her house in London.

Rachel Riley Salary: How much was she paid and is Being Paid Now?

If we want to know about her salary, we should go 15 years back when she joined a job for the first time. As a part-timer, she used to prepare sandwiches in one café for which she used to get $100 a month.

After graduating, she joined TotallyMoney.com; the best price comparison site back then, and there she was paid around $25000 per month. She used to be price analyst. For few months, she worked there, and then got selected for the job on Countdown.

Soon after joining Countdown, her lifestyle changed. She then started getting $10000 annually as cloth budget which means around $800 per month; as fringe benefit. At present scenario, she is getting around $14000 annually. We should say, she was able to increase her net worth only because of the job on Countdown.

What is Rachel Riley Doing Now?

After divorce with her ex-husband Jamie Gilbert, she was not seen with anyone. But now, she is connected with another person named Pasha Kovalev. Soon after this incident, she left BBC network. The reason for leaving was not disclosed as BBC claimed to be paying her well.

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