UK’s fastest 10-year-old girl Savannah Morgan’s eyes are on taking gold in the Olympics one day. As a contestant at the Minithon 60 m race in London on October 22, she crossed the line in 8.50 seconds representing Kings Heath.

While she was about to break the world record for 10-year-old athletes, she was able to entitle herself as the UK’s fastest 10-year-old. Learn more about Britain’s fastest 10-year girl’s determination for the Olympics to set a new world record made on her recent 10th birthday on October 22.

How is her preparation going on and how do her parents and school support her? Read the full article to know in detail about the Olympics preparation and Savannah Morgan parents’ reaction to the determination to set up a new world record by the Britain’s fastest 10-year girl.

Savannah Morgan Ranked as Britain’s Fastest 10-Year-Old Girl

On Savannah Morgan 10th birthday, Savannah was only half a second off to break the world record for the 60m race. Savannah Morgan crossed the line in 8.50 seconds in this race whereas she could have created a new world record had she completed it in half a second sooner. She was declared the Northampton champion for the 60M race and heads for the Olympic gold medal.

Britain’s Fastest 10-Year-Old Girl’s Olympics Dream!

Britain’s fastest 10-year-girl Savannah Morgan’s single target is winning a gold medal in the Olympics. Is it possible the upcoming Olympics set for South Korea in February 2018? She has only two months and a few weeks for preparation. Savannah Morgan, who is also the Northamptonshire’s county champion in 7m and 150m races.

The next Olympics are to be held from Feb 9, 2018, to Feb 25, 2018, in the Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium, Pyeongchang County, South Korea. She will have to make a very tight schedule for the preparation if she takes her school and the Olympics preparation together. How do her school and parents support her single target of grabbing the Olympic gold in the upcoming South Korea winter Olympics?

Amazed Parents and Pious School: Who Will Back Up Savannah’s Olympics Target?

While the Britain’s Fastest 10-year-girl singly targets the Olympics gold medal, is it possible this year cannot be said for sure. She has the potential, and she will become what she can become only with her parents’ and school’s support.

Savannah is currently studying at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Kings Heath and the school is a Catholic religious school whose priority is reverence to God.Of course, she represented her school in the recent race through which she earned name and fame, but her future mission can be handicapped if she doesn’t get proper back up from her school and parents.

While Britain’s fastest 10-year-girl seeks her school’s back up for her early career dream in sports which could remain unfulfilled without her parents and school’s support, her mother is quite amazed at seeing her daughter run so fast:

Her confidence just soars when she’s running. We are amazed just how fast she can run sometimes.

She trains very hard three times a week. I really think she is an Olympic champion in the making. She got to go to the 2012 games and we’ve talked how she could be on the gold medal podium one day.

She started running last year and she’s just gone from strength to strength. We only hope we can take it even further.

Britain’s fastest-10-year girl Savannah Morgan is quite optimistic and satisfied with what she is doing. Let’s hope she finds enough back up from her parents and a friendly sports environment at school.

Britain’s Fastest 10-Year-Old Girl Savannah Morgan’s Competing Interest and Olympics Target

Britain’s fastest 10-year-girl is already set for racing records, and her competing interests are her plus points. While most of the children of her age fear strangers, this promising athlete likes competing unknown athletes. The Northampton Chronicle quotes the fastest 10-year-girl:

“I like competing against people I don’t know. I like running, it make me happy and excited.”

“It’s nice t find out what I’m good at and what I’m not good at.”

Savannah says it her sister who inspires her. Savannah Morgan sister Corinne Humphreys represented Great Britain this year at the Commonwealth Games in Australia. Given her family background in sports and her own personal motivation and single target she is all set for the Olympics, only a proper and better guidance and training is necessary. Our best wishes for her dream of setting a new world record.

Caption: Savannah Morgan Britain’s fastest 10-Year-Old Girl.