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A talented and one of the rising stars in the showbiz, model and actress Brisa Lalich is a force to be reckoned with. Just 15, she managed to gain massive fame and earn praise from both critics and patrons alike.

By the looks on her current standing, the 15-year-old star will surely grow up to be a great figure in the future, well, let’s hope so! Now let’s get to know more on Brisa’s both professional and private life.

Who Is Brisa Lalich?

Brisa Lalich is an American actress and model who is famous for her role in the short movie To The Beat! (2018) and Mateo (2014). Besides, acting and modeling she is also a dancer who started dancing at the age of 3.


As for hobbies, the charming lady loves swimming and going out to the beaches. Her favorite food is cucumber and color is blue.

How Is Brisa Lalich’s Daily Life Going On?

At just 15, it is obvious that Brisa Lalich is not age to engage in any kinds of romance or have a boyfriend yet. She is currently living with her parents and concentrating on making her career prosperous and flourishing.

The Mateo actress, at the moment, is busy with her works and studies trying her best to secure her future. Besides, the teen model is a travel enthusiast and likes visiting places where there are beautiful beaches.


Like any normal teenager, Brisa also loves hanging out with friends and families. Likewise, she posts pictures and videos of her daily activities on her social media.

How Much Is Brisa Lalich’s Net Worth? What About Her Salary?

Brisa Lalich has a net worth of $100 Thousand which she made from her professional acting career. On average a model in the US earns around $21.21 per hour and $42,180 annually. In contrast, an actor in the US earns $39.84 per hour and around $50,235 in a year.

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As for her onscreen performance, she was a part of To The Beat! (2018). In the movie, she played one of the leading roles of Mia alongside young actors like Laura Krystine, Jayden Bartels, Marie Wilson, and others.

Check out the video of Brisa Lalich’s movie To The Beat!

Despite her young age, there is little argument that Brisa lives a lavish and luxurious lifestyle.

Body Measurements: Brisa Lalich

Brisa Lalich stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters) and weighs around 43 Kg. Similarly, her hair is light brown while her eyes are brown in color.


Quick Facts: Brisa Lalich

Where and when was Brisa Lalich born?

San Diego, California, United States October 31, 2003

What is Brisa Lalich’s nationality?


What ethnicity does Brisa Lalich belong to?


What is Brisa Lalich’s zodiac sign?


Which is Brisa Lalich’s debut movie?

Mateo (2014)

What color of eyes does Brisa Lalich have?


Which color of hair does Brisa Lalich possess?

Light Brown

How tall is Brisa Lalich?

5 feet 6 inches.

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