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Who is Brendon Urie Married to? Has he turned into Parent? More about His Spouse!

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If you are fan of music, you must have heard the name of world famous Brendon Urie. His portfolio includes contribution to music as singer and composer, along with being vocalist of the band named ‘Panic! at the Disco’. He is also the one who always be the highlight of tabloids about being involved in love affairs and other issues. Today we will be discussing about Brendon Urie married life and about his wife and career!

Brendon Urie Married Life

For all the genuine fans, you must have already guessed the name of his wife. Certainly, he married his long-time girlfriend Sarah Orzechowski in the year 2013. After dating for quite some time and spending some quality time together, the duo finally got married. When his engagement news was revealed, thousands of girl fan’s heart was broken.

Brendon Urie and Sarah Orzechowski in Wedding Ceremony
Brendon Urie and Sarah Orzechowski in Wedding Ceremony

If you want to know more about his wife, you must ask him or her yourself as his married life is not disclosed to anyone, not to the source too. As Sarah is not known to all and is not a social persona, knowing or digging out more information about her is next to impossible. After searching much of sites, we came to know that Sarah also loves music and is assisting her husband in his daily work.

Has He Turned Into Parent?

It’s already been three years since their marriage, but still there is no news about them turning into parents. We surfed through various birth wiki and other, but the news has never been approached. Thus, for now, they are not parents, and are living duo life together.

Sarah Irzechowski and Brendon Urie in Public

What is Brendon Urie Doing Now?

For a musician or composer, their daily life is not just a nut-job. He/she must practice and compose daily to get one great art. At present, he is busy composing new beat for his next album. His last album ‘Death of a Bachelor’ became world famous and he earned more than his net worth from it. Now, he is spending some time to release his sixth album. Well, we would like to wish him luck for that!

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