Brendan Beiser fell in love with acting at a young age and went on to make a career and earning in the acting field right away. With his hard, determination and passion for his acting, Beiser established himself as a prominent and wealthy artist.

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Who Is Brendan Beiser?

Born as Brendan Joseph Beiser to parents Morton Beiser and Roberta Lando Beiser in Boston Massachusetts, Brendan Beiser is a Canadian actor, director and producer who is highly recognized for his works on Aardvark (1994), Something Beneath, Night Man, The Fear: Resurrection (1999), Wolf Canyon, Ice Angel (2000) and Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action!.

Brendan Beiser is the son of Roberta Lando Beiser and Morton Beiser.
Brendan Beiser is a Canadian actor.

Beiser’s father is a professor who is the recipient of Order of Canada, the second-highest award which is considered as the personal gift of Canada’s monarch, whilst his mother is a socialite. Bieser is not the only famous person in his family involved in unique fields. His brother, Vince Beiser is a Canadian journalist whilst his other brother Vince Beiser is also an actor. Not to mention, Beiser also shares a relationship with actors; Peter Lando and Jeffrey Lando.

In addition, growing up, he lived in America, France, and Canada. After moving back to his native land aka Vancouver when he was just seven, he developed a passion for acting and attended the Concordia University where he studied theatre. Brendan also studied the William Davis Centre for Actors’ Study to further implement his acting career.

What Is The Net Worth Of Brendan Beiser?

The hardworking and passionate actor, Brendan Beiser accumulates a net worth of $3 million. Most of Beiser’s wealth and fortunes are generated from his acting career in the film industry. To add, he has been involved as an actor for over two decades. On average, actors make an earning ranging from $15000-$60000.

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Highly known as Agent Pendrell on the American science fiction; The X-Files, Beiser also worked as a film director and writer on 1997 Canadian Fringe Festival and –Er. Not to turn a blind on his work as a producer, Beiser also received the ZeD People’s Choice Award which took place at the 2003 ReelFast 48 Hour Film Festival for his film that stars his family.

Besides, the X-Files, he also graced with his contribution on television series such as Suits which had Meghan Markle, Downsizing, Orphan Black, The Boys, and The Hot Zone. Bieser also collects his financial gains from his live talk show called In Conversation With… where he works as a co-producer and host both.

Personal Life Of Brendan Beiser; Who Is He Married To?

Brendan Beier tries to keep his personal life as lowkey as possible. He makes sure the public doesn’t get the slightest clue of his personal matter which is quite comprehensible in consideration to his celebrity status. The reason makes it obvious why no details information on his dating life is yet to be disclosed to the public yet.

The Suits actor, however, reportedly shares a blissful married life with his wife whose identity is yet to be acknowledged to his fans. Likewise, reports on his children, family and past affairs are also not known to the public yet.

Body Measurements Of Brendan Beiser

  • Brendan Beiser stands at an average height of 5 feet 7 inches.
  • Brendan Beiser has Brown hair
  • Brendan Beiser’s eyes color is brown.
  • Brendan Beiser weighs 78 kg.

Quick Facts Of Brendan Beiser

When was Brendan Beiser born?

17 April 197

What are the eye colors of Brendan Beiser?


What is the hair colors of Brendan Beiser?


How tall is Brendan Beiser?

5 feet 7 inch

What is the weight of Brendan Beiser?

78 kg

What is the nationality of Brendan Beiser?


What is Brendan Beiser known for?


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