Lee Seo Jin seems fed up with accusations of dating his co-star. He seems to vent his inner thoughts out very smoothly but is the denial of dating co-star because of other reasons like dating someone else? Does he have a girlfriend? What happened between him and his previous girlfriend Jeong-Eun Kim?

Let’s get to know all about his dating life, his rumored co-star girlfriend and also if he currently has a girlfriend or not.

Lee Seo Jin has no girlfriend but crushing on a co-star? He does stand on “being co-stars doesn’t mean dating” though

Lee Seo Jin has been appearing as a cast of the hit Tv show “Grandfathers Over flowers” and gaining a lot of popularity from it. It was during this show that he seemed to have sparked interest in another female co-star called Han Min Ji.

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Over a casual dinner chat, his friend asked him what age was he and that he should be getting married soon. This led to talking about ladies and as the conversation flowed, he said,

“From those I’ve seen, Han Ji Min is the nicest.”

It does look like he has a little crush on the actress Han Min Ji, but we feel like it’s just a harmless crush.

Earlier to this, he was rumored to be dating another one of his co-star named Choi Ji Woo. Their chemistry was pretty apparent and they were also spotted together a couple of times. It was almost like they were dating and Choi Ji Woo was his girlfriend until she was asked about their relationship. She gave a vague yet a clear idea of what their relationship was. She said:

“Does co-stars mean dating partners after all”

They do have a very friendly relationship going on but it looks like they are just friends. Well, they certainly are cute friends who bicker back and forth with a hint of romance to it. When Lee Seo Jin was asked  about dating Choi Ji woo in front of her, he replied saucily,

“If Choi Ji Woo fixes her excessive spending habits maybe..”

And then Choi Ji Woo laughed heartily and replied,

“No thank you.”

And they both had a good laugh about it. It seems like Lee Seo Jin is not dating anyone as of now and he is currently single.

Choi Ji Woo and Lee Seo Jin
Choi Ji Woo and Lee Seo Jin

Also, he has never been married in the past and had a family with them. However, he did have a relationship with his ex-girlfriend that didn’t end well.

Lee Seo Jin’s ex-girlfriend heartbroken about their breakup; Why did they break up?

Lee Seo Jin has broken a few hearts along the way to his successful career. One of those hearts happens to be of his ex-girlfriend Kim Jung Eun. They started dating at the beginning of 2006. The couple fell in love while filming an SBS TV drama called Lovers.

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They were pretty much in love and made a lot of several appearances together. They dated for two whole years during which Lee Seo Jin even sang a song for her on national television.

Seo Jin and his ex-girlfriend Jung Eun
Seo Jin and his ex-girlfriend Jung Eun

They even went together for a trip to the US so as to spend their vacation. But the happiness didn’t last forever for this couple. He broke up with her in the most horrendous way possible around November of 2008. He wrote a one-sided breakup text to her and she was devastated. She publicly spoke about this saying,

“I can’t lie to the fans anymore. I broke up with Lee Seo Jin at the end of October. He just texted me to say we are breaking up. Before that (text), there were no warning signs, no fights/arguments. It felt like I had just been involved in a car accident. We just broke up like this. This is all very sudden and is a big blow to me.”

We do feel bad for Kim Jung Eun but what’s meant to happen would have eventually found a way out.

Short wiki about Lee Seo Jin; His family, career, movies and net worth

South Korean actor Lee Seo Jin celebrates his birthday on each 30th January of every year. His birth year is 1971. He is one of the most educated actors having his Masters Degree in Business Management from a prestigious university NYU.

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His family is a big shot in the Korean economy as well as power. His grandpa was the first to be the governor of Seoul Bank and his father was a Treasury director in the past. But despite having such diverse careered people in his family, he chose acting which is a blessing for us all.

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He has been in many hit TV series and equally good movies. He is most popular for shows like Three Meals a Day, Grandpa Over Flowers, Damo, Yi San, Gyebaek, Marriage Contract and so on. All his hard work in drama and movies does pay him well. It affords him a grand net worth of $6 million.