Brandon Reece Taylor lies upon one of those authors who caught the limelight after publishing his philosophical treatise book the Omnidoxy. He is also known as the founder of the philosophy named Astron.

But what about his personal life? Well, many want to know what’s going on in the life of Reece Taylor. If you lie among one of those, then stay tuned to us until the whole article.

Who is Brandon Reece Taylor AKA Cometan?

Brandon Reece Taylor is a British philosopher, author, diarist, and the founder of Astron. He is also known as the author of the Omnidoxy, and the creator of Jesse  Millette. In fact, he became famous for his The Original Jesse Millette Series which is a series of twenty books chronicling the lives of The Five Millettarian Characters.

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Brandon is a music lover and he started playing piano from the early age of ten.  Besides, Cometan studied at St Mary and St Benedict’s RC Primary School from 2003 to 2009. After that, he admitted at the Brownedge St Mary’s C Catholic High School in 2009  and studied there till 2014.  Later, he started going to the University of Central Lancashire and graduated from there in 2019.

Brandon Reece Taylor AKA Cometan’s Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn?

Brandon Reece Talor holds a net worth of $800,000. He gathered most of his fortune from his career as an Author and Autodidactic Philosopher. He is famous for the sole authorship of the treatise of The Omnidoxy that founded the philosophy known as Astron.

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Reece is the founder of Astronism and an autodidact of philosophy and theology. He solely wrote the philosophical treatise of the Omnidoxy which, upon completion, extended to over 1 million words in total length and costs $32.63 for it’s Kindle Edition. Following that, he also wrote books like The Octadoxy, The Dodecadoxy, The Hendecadoxy, The Nonodoxy, The Decadoxy which costs $9.99, $45.47, $3.90, $26.10, and $7.79 respectively for its’s Kindle edition.

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Credited with the creation of thousands of new words making him a prolific neologist, Cometan is also known as the creator of the fictional character, Jesse Millette, around whom hundreds of books have been written.  What’s more, he began to write the Omnidoxy at the age of seventeen and was only completed in five years.

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Brandon is a travel freak and often goes for visits to many historic places, and vacation destinations. In fact, he recently went to Spain to spend the holiday with his family,

In the post, we can see Taylor enjoying his times with his family in Tenerife, Siam Park, and Loro Parque.

Besides, he also goes restaurants with his siblings, here you can see him at the Pizza Hut restaurants of the UK. Additionally, he shared the post saying these little things helps him to gather memories with his siblings.

Brandon Reece Taylor AKA Cometan Personal Life: Who Is He Dating?

Brandon Reece Taylor is currently in a relationship, with Liana Tiratsuyan. The duo shares a good bond and is together from a couple of years. What’s more, the couple frequently goes for an outing together.

Brandon and his partner Liana spending their quality time in London.
Philosopher and Author Brandon Reece Taylor and his girlfriend Liana Tiratsuyan.

The pair is together from a couple of years, however, how the duo first met is quite mysterious as Brandon speaks less about his romantic life. Further, the couple is deeply in love and there will be no wonder if they share the wedding vows soon.

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Apart from Taylor’s relationship with Liana Tiratsuyan, he is never rumored for dating any other girls in his early life. What’s more, he is currently in a healthy relationship and their relationship seems fluid as there is no sign of breakup between them.

Body Measurements of Brandon Reece Taylor AKA Cometan

Famous British author Brandon Reece Taylor.

Brandon stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches and weighs around 65 kgs. Further, he owns brown colored attractive eyes and black colored hair.

Quick Facts: Brandon Reece Taylor AKA Cometan

Where is the birthplace of Brandon Reece Taylor AKA Cometan?

Royal Preston Hospital, Preston, Lancashire, England

What is the Nationality of Brandon Reece Taylor AKA Cometan?


Which hometown does Brandon Reece Taylor AKA Cometan belong to?

Preston, Lancashire, England

What is the birth sign of Brandon Reece Taylor AKA Cometan?


How many siblings does Brandon Reece Taylor AKA Cometan have?

7, three brothers- Kieran Taylorian(b. 2007), Kent Taylorian(b.2008), Edie Taylorian(b.2009), and four sisters- Lucia Richardson(b.1989), Charlotte Counsell(b. 2007), Zara Taylorian (b. 2008), Edie Taylorian (b. 2011).

Who are the Parents of Brandon Reece Taylor AKA Cometan?

father- Sean Taylor and mother Louise Counsell

How much does Brandon Reece Taylor AKA Cometan weigh?

65 kg

What is the color of Brandon Reece Taylor AKA Cometan’s eyes?


How tall is Brandon Reece Taylor AKA Cometan?

5 feet 10 inches or 178cm

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