We were lucky to witness our very own beauty queen embrace the EWL stage. It was an absolute blessing to witness the transformation of the energetic Miss Brandi Mallory.  The year with Brandi was full of excitement as she entertained us with her adorable and hilarious personality. She is really the “Obamas of weight loss.” But is the queen of weight loss Brandi Mallory married? If, then who is her husband? Let’s learn the facts about her relationship status and the reason behind her weight loss along with her wiki-bio:

Is Brandi Mallory Married? If, Then Who Is Her Husband?

Though Miss Extreme Weight Loss Brandi Mallory doesn’t feel shy to share her dancing video, she feels timid to share her love life details. Millions of her fan have the curiosity to know about her personal life details such as “Is Brandi Mallory married?”, “Who is Brandi Mallory’s husband?”.


Caption: Brandi Mallory before the weight loss.

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Well, Brandi Mallory has not married yet. She has no husband in her life. But according to her Twitter account, it seems as if she will get married to a country boy. But will a country boy be Brandi Mallory’s husband?

Caption: Will Brandi Mallory marry a country boy?

Whoever Brandi Mallory gets married to, it seems as if she will be a perfect wife for her husband. As she wishes never to let her husband say “Why did I get married?”

Caption: Brandi Mallory wishes never to let her husband say “Why did I get married?”

So, will Brandi Mallory’s married life become as she wishes? Who will be Brandi Mallory’s husband in the future? Let’s see together!

Brandi Mallory Dating; Know Her Boyfriend!

As we all know now, Brandi Mallory is an unmarried woman; a question still surfaces “Is Brandi Mallory dating someone?” If, then who is the luckiest boyfriend?

As she has never talked about dating affair and her boyfriend, she could be possibly single. But looking at her Instagram post, we can say that she was previously dating a boy whose Instagram account was @yusefharoun.


Caption: Brandi Mallory’s boyfriend. 

We couldn’t gather detail information about her boyfriend as his Instagram page has broken. How they met and when did they start dating each other? It’s still a mystery. But it looks like the couple is no more together. They may have split and parted their ways as indicated by a tweet of hers which was posted on 7th May 2015.

Caption: There is a huge possibility that Brandi Mallory has split from her boyfriend.

Because she has not officially announced the news of a split nor confirmed it as clear as water, it can’t be verified that her boyfriend @yusefharoun has left her.

Brandi Mallory Extreme Weight Loss Journey!

She’s got moves. The video goes viral for her dancing and body positivity. In the words of destiny’s child, we are so ready for this jelly. Brandi Mallory shared a video of herself dancing and her moves. She showed off her skills wearing only leggings and a sports bra. Mallory shared the decisive body moment with her 34000 Instagram followers. Mallory began her weight loss journey on season 4 of “extreme weight loss.”

I have lost over 175 pounds in total, and I haven’t ever been able to see what I feel, so I decided to do my workouts shirtless.

But her journey is ongoing, and she’s taking her followers along with her. She mentioned “ I share the videos because I want to build my own confidence.


Her followers are in awe of her dancing.  “Girl you can MOVE .”  one fan commented  Mallory couldn’t get enough of these kind words. And we can’t get enough of her moves!

Brandi Mallory Wiki-Bio; Age, Parents, and Plastic Surgery!

Born in the year 1983 in Stone Mountain, GA, Brandi Mallory’s birthday is on 19th of August. On her 32nd birthday, she changed her birthday to a personal PLAYday and made an announcement for fans to join her on Wet n’ Wild adventure!

Caption: Brandi Mallory’s birthday is on the 19th of August.

Brandi Mallory’s age is 34. Though her age is 34, she still looks young because of a massive weight loss.

Brandi Mallory’s parents feel proud of her. Her parents often shower their love with food. Brandi once talked about her motherly love:

My mom taught me, even when cooking, cook with love. That’s how she showed love to her husband and kids.

Brandi has shared a picture of his parents on Instagram on 21st February where she thanked God:

I thank God for who made me!

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Caption: Brandy Mallory’s parents.

Many people speculated that Brandy Mallory had undergone plastic surgery for her weight loss. She did have surgery, but it was not plastic surgery for her weight loss, instead, it was skin removal surgery to fix them.