Though the reality show, Gigolos encountered legal issues in displaying sexual activity procurement, Brace Land cratered massive vogue among the audience. He is the eldest escort in the show expanding own line of the venture. So, it’s fretting the spectators whether he would soon resign the profession of escorting. Beyond the women fantasy, he is a fitness and nutritional diet freak. Want to know more about Brace Land wiki? Who’s Brace Land wife?

Let’s unbox everything about Brace Land wiki, age, wife, net worth, TV shows and Instagram.

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Who is Brace Land wife?

The hunk in the ripped skin, Brace land is the catalyst for woman fantasies. Is Brace land married? In one of the episodes of Gigolos, he mentioned that he had married for six years, and all his deeds didn’t turn to be blissful enough. Sadly, he didn’t unveil wife details in the media. He parted his ways from the wife in early 2000s.

Caption; Brace Land with friends

In an interview with Punk Globe, Brace Land expressed how the women are only interested in the size of wallet and male are solely responsible for financial viability in marriage. Hence, he perceives marriage as an outdated tradition where only the male parties pay off even after the divorce.

“I have many friends who have had their lives destroyed by some women who uses her gender as leverage to financially destroy their former partners. Marriage is too much of a risk to anyone who has a good financial position. In CA, for instance, is 50% – 50% in a divorce even if you went into it with NO financial backing. In today’s society, these women especially in big cities like LA, NY, Las Vegas, Dallas, Miami, etc. are only interested in the size of a man’s wallet not what’s in his heart. No thanks! “

How much is Brace Land net worth?

He is the womanizing senior escort in the show titled Gigolos, which is an international smash accompanied by the positive message. The Magazines like Maxim, Playgirl, Vegas rated and Eye on Vegas has gracefully honored the cover features of Brace Land.  Apart from Gigolos, he has been the prominence of Morning Blend, TMZ and Talks Soup.

Caption; Brace Land’s line of products

Similarly, he launched own venture called BraceLand Productions and BraceLand Nutraceuticals, a mega vitamin supplements. Thus, he accumulates salary earning from the TV shows, own product lines and featured films or show. So how much is Brace Land net worth? Unfortunately, Brace Land net worth is not revealed to the media, Stay with us, we’ll keep you updated on Brace Land net worth as soon as possible.

Brace Land TV Shows

After the divorce, he met a girl escort making $20,000 a month in his hometown. He created a sitemap and ended up with numerous women contact; Brace served on General Motors and also did a job of escorting high-end ladies at the weekend, traveling internationally. Then a group of producers asked Brace if interested in doing a show which pivots the life of male escorts. This is how Brace Land landed on Gigolos.

Beside Gigolo, he graces TV shows like Morning Blend, TMZ and TalkSoup accompanied by personal appearances on Sapphires, Coconut, Crazy horse, Gallery and much more.

Brace Land Wiki/Bio

Born in Michigan, the hunk Brace Land age and family details are not available on the media. Amidst the early days, Brace inclined towards sports; football and basketball. Also, college recruited Brace for pursuing a sports career, while he intended for General Motors job. He is a graduate of an engineering student, who enrolled Kenshu and accomplished Aikido training.

On a spontaneous corporate job, Brace invested in bodybuilding scheme. As a fitness approach, he believes in diet, nutritional supplements, yoga, meditation, organic food, skin care and health protocols. Also, he is an avid adorn of fashionable clothes, exquisite women, modern home, exotic cars, adventure and enchanting lifestyles.