In a mass number of celebrities and stars, there are lots of stars who make their affairs official as publicity stunts while there exist some who do not want to share their info with the media. Like of Lori Beth, we have yet another comedian who is successive in not sharing his private affairs to anyone. We are talking about Bobby Lee who has never disclosed his marital status. As he has made his fans curious, we will try our best to provide info about him.

In this column today, we will discuss whether Bobby Lee married secretly or is still dating. And we will also disclose all information regarding his girlfriend too.

Who is Bobby Lee Dating? Who’s His Girlfriend?

Although Bobby Lee never mentioned if he is married or not, he is open about his relationship with his girlfriend. Currently, he is dating Khalyla who is one gorgeous lady. Khalyla is not a popular name for us, as she came to limelight only after being Lee’s girlfriend. So, are you wondering how these two met for the first time? Scroll below!

Back in the year 2016, he was interviewed by different magazines regarding his relationship. Here is the video you would love to see:

In that interview, he was asked about the girl by his side in the picture. When Lee saw that pic, he cried out loud:

‘That’s my girl!’

He also mentioned how technology helped him to get his life. He revealed that ‘Tinder’ app was the factor that made both of them together.

Now we know how the couple met and how Bobby got his girlfriend, but we know there are some people who would like to know why Khalyla actually dated him. Here is the interview video of Khalyla:

In that questionnaire, she shared this to be the major reason why she hooked up with Lee:

‘He is the one with whom I want to spend my life as my previous boyfriends were like f**king boring text books.’

Is Bobby Married Secretly?

The love life of Bobby Lee is going smoothly with his girlfriend, but is he married already? Has he stepped up for marrying his girl? Or they married secretly and yet to reveal the truth?

The answers to all are still unknown as it is still a secret. It is up to the couple to decide to reveal the facts to us and to mass media. As per some sources and web pages, the couple is not in any marital bond at the moment. Likewise, it is also thought that they do not have any intention to exchange vows sooner.

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