Bob Costas is an American sports broadcaster, who has been bestowed with twenty Emmy Awards. In the history of the sport, Costas is the only person honored with Emmy awards for Sports announcer, news broadcaster, and entertainment. He is a big name around sports facet for exclusive entertaining sports league coverage.

Lately, media announced that Bob Costas wouldn’t be hosting Olympics 2018. Surprised? Most of the tweets showed disappointment stating Olympics is nothing without Bob Costas. So, Why is not Bob Costas hosting Olympics? Interested in his married life after the divorce with wife Carole Krumenacher? Has Bob Costas married another partner? Let’s dig in:

Reason For Bob Costas ‘Not Hosting’ Olympic 2018

Competitors, coaches, and commentators gathered at 2018 Winter Olympics but there was not the presence of the famous face, we have been noticing for at least eleven years. Well, he was none other than Bob Costas.

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Caption: Bob Costas retired form hosting Olympics.

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When the internet surfaced that Bob Costas is not doing Olympics 2018, twitter slammed the pages stating Olympic is nothing without Bob Costas. Costas announced a year ago that he was steeping from the position. It’s been a year, and people are still not ready for adopting another host instead of Bob.

He disclosed the fact that he s stepping from the position before NBC advances him to leave. He said to USA Today;

“It’s better to leave before they drop hints. Like, ‘Do you think it might be a good idea?’ Or, ‘Are you getting tired yet?’ Or, ‘Can we help you up the steps?’ Or, ‘Do you need another cup of Ovaltine, sir?’ I didn’t want it to get to that point. So this was entirely on my terms, and I like it that way.”

Bob Costas Married Life After Divorce With Ex-Wife, Carole Krumenacher!

Bob Costas has tied the knot for two times. Firstly, he married Carole Krumenacher in 1983 after dating few years. The couple welcomed their first baby son Keith after three years of marriage. Again after another three years in 1989, the couple welcomed baby daughter Taylor.

Once, in a conversation with Kirby Puckett, Minnesota Twins center fielder, Costas took an oath that if Kirby scored 350, he would go by his name for Costas’s unborn child. Hence, birth certificate of Taylor says “Keith Michael Kirby Costas.”

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Caption: Bob Costas second wife, Jill Sutton

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Pam Davis Costas’s business manager confirmed the couple’s divorce in 2001. After eighteen years of marriage, they parted their ways. After a year of separation, he found comfort in Jill Sutton and eventually married her on March 14, 2004. The pair currently resides in New York.

Bob Costas Net worth

Bob Costas is the prime time host of twelve Olympic Games since 1992. He achieved honors and prestige for his divine sports coverage. So, how much is Bob Costas’s net worth?

The estimated net worth of Bob Costa is $45 million. Since, the early 1980s, Costas has been broadcasting sports concerned news in NBC Sports Television.

Bob Costas’ Professional Career

Bob Costas started as an announcer for Syracuse Blazers, during his university period. There he covered sports news of NBL and NFL. Before such big names, Costas reported games of the University of Missouri basketball team.

In 1980, he advanced his career breakthrough by moving into NBC. He covered major American sports leagues for the decade. Costas has almost instituted news stories on Boxing, Golf, Major league Basketball, National Basketball Association, Professional Football, National Hockey League, Olympics and Thoroughbred Racing.

Bob Costas Wiki-Bio: Early Life, Birthday & Education!

Costas was born on March 22, 1952, Queens, New York, United States of America.

His father John Costas is an electrical engineer with a Greek ethnicity, while his mother Jayne is of Irish ethnicity.

He was brought up in Commack with his younger sister Valerie Costas.

He completed schooling from Commack High School South and enrolled at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York to pursue the career in journalism. Costas holds the degree in Communications from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. He earned it amidst 1974.