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Life is not the same all the time; there are ups and downs. Life is also unpredictable we never know what happens next. Likewise, we also never know who we get to live with our entire life. Getting the right person to live with is quite a difficult task, but if we analyze them correctly, we will find the one.

Bo Derek is a familiar name in the Hollywood industry and Bo is happy in a relationship with her partner John Corbett. It has been fifteen years they are dating each other. Nowadays, we mostly hear about divorce and break up, but we rarely hear about dating and marriage for a long time.

Now you must be thinking of dating for a long time about the wedding? When are they planning? Let’s remove your curiosity and dig into the article to find out more.

When are Bo Derek and John Corbett getting married?

Bo Derek is an American Actress who is popular for her role in 1979 film 10. She is dating her boyfriend John Corbett for the extended time but when are they getting married? You all must be curious to know, isn’t it?

Bo Derek and John Corbett together enjoying at the 84th annual Academy award, February 26, 2012.
Bo Derek and John Corbett together enjoying at the 84th annual Academy award, February 26, 2012.

Photo Credit: zimbio.com

Bo and John have been in the relationship since 2002. In the interview, Bo Derek talked about getting married to John Corbett. She says,

“We talk about [marriage] sometimes, but we don’t have children and we’re not young, so there isn’t that pressure or need to get married”.

John Corbett is also not in a hurry to get married to Bo Derek and told about the secret of the successful relationship. He says,

“Don’t get married, I have a lot of friends that get divorces. It becomes this whole thing.”

He further adds,

“I think the secret is just enjoy being together.”

We can see that they both are not in the mentality of getting married. Bo thinks they both are not young and don’t have children and John thinks the secret of a successful relationship is enjoying being together not by getting married. It’s strange to hear the couple say something like that but in the end, the secret has worked on their relationship, so it is worth it.

Why did Bo Dereck divorce with her ex-husband?

Bo Dereck was married to her ex-husband John Derek.  She got married in the year 1976 when she turned eighteen. At that time, John previously married famous actress Linda Evans. He was with Linda for six years and left her to marry Bo.

 Bo Derek was enjoying with his ex-husband John Derek.
Bo Derek was enjoying with his ex-husband John Derek.

Photo Credit: gettyimages.com

According to Daily Mail, Bo Derek feels ashamed her being the reason behind John and his ex-wife Linda’ marriage failure. Without caring about his married life, John Derek fell in love with Bo and started their relationship. After starting the relationship, they moved to Germany as Bo was too young for getting married and they returned to America after she turned 18.

But unfortunately, the couple couldn’t be together for more than 22 years. At the age of 71, On 22nd May 1998, John Derek died due to cardiovascular disease. That was a heart-breaking news for her. She was with John Derek until he died. Though some people thought their relationship ended in divorce, the actual reason was her husband’s death.

Bo Derek’s Movies and Net Worth

Bo Dereck in very successful actress and Model. She had grabbed the attention of the public from various films. Derek is well known for her role in movies. Along with the film, her swimsuit poster was best-selling at that time.

Bo Derek attending an event
Bo Derek attending an event

Photo Credit: dailymail.co.uk

Her ex-husband John Derek also directed her in movies. The movies directed by her ex-husband include Tarzan, The Ape Man (1981), Bolero(1984), and Ghosts can’t do it (1989).

Now, let’s talk about her net worth. What might be her net worth? Any Guess. Well, her estimated net worth is $50 million. This amount of money is enough for her to enjoy her life with partner and boyfriend John Corbett.