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Blake Shelton and Kaynette Williams Divorce: What Was The Real Reason? Is She Dating Someone Now?

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There are only few people who don’t know who Blake Shelton is. He is the well-known singer of whose the hit song till date is ‘Came here to forget’. But, people really do not care about the past relationship than digging to current relationship. His first wife with whom he divorced in 2006, we will be covering about the real reason of divorce. Let’s find out about Blake Shelton and Kaynette Williams divorce reason, and about Blake’s extra-marital affair.

Kaynette Willams Married Life with Blake Shelton

Blake and Kaynette’s love life started back when they were attending high school. The exact date from when they started dating is not known though. Kaynette Willams married Blake Shelton in the end of the year 2003.

Blake was the one who approached her for the first time. He mentioned about that with Country Weekly, 2003.

“I was sure about being together with Kaynette.”

Here is one picture of the ex-couple shared by fan in Twitter:

Blake Shelton and Kaynette Williams Divorce: What Was The Real Reason?

This happily married couple couldn’t enjoy the love moments for long. After three years of marriage, 2006, the duo got divorced. It is mentioned in Wikipedia that Kaynette was the one who filed the divorce petition against Blake for extra-marital affair.

In 2005, Blake was busy in concert where he saw Miranda Lambert for the first time. Both sang a song together in the event. Blake mentioned to Entertainment Weekly about how he fell for her in there on stage. Lambert is also said to be connected with Blake as alleged girlfriend, thus Kaynette had filed divorce.

Who is Kaynette Williams Dating Now?

After divorce in 2005, Kaynette went blank from the media. She was not seen in on-line tabloids and highlights until her new affair came to existence. In 2014, there was a rumour about Williams dating some other guy. The name of her new boyfriend was Cody Joe Sheck. The news was not confirmed. But, after confirmation we came to know that Cody is recently seen hanging out with Kaynette and they are happy to be together. Well, it is a good news for her. She can move on like Blake did.

Who is Kaynette Williams?

Kaynette Williams was not a famous name back then. As she was not from celebrity background or anything like that, her fame was only to be Blake’s first wife. Born on 20th February 1973, in Oklahoma, her former name is Kaynette Francis Williams. Kaynette’s zodiac sign is Pieces and she is already 3 years old. William’s occupation is Teacher and she has been teacher since 2002. Her total or estimated net worth is not known till date, but we can assume her estimated net worth to be around $200 thousands.