Bill Prady is an American TV writer and producer. The producer is responsible for many hit TV shows and has achieved much in life. The producer also received an honorary membership it the Royal Canadian Institute for the Advancement of Science.

The American TV writer, Bill Prady is known for creating and co-creating many fan-favorite shows. Learn more about Bill including his net worth and earnings in this article.

How Much is Bill Prady’s Net Worth?

Bill Prady is a wealthy man with a net worth of $150 million. He managed to accumulate his wealth through his career of writing and serving as an executive producer.

Moreover, the average pay of an executive producer can range from $250k to $2 million. Taking his work in successful shows like The Big Bang Theory, the producer must earn around $1 million. Likewise, the actors in the main cast earn $1 million per episodes.

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Further, a typical writer in Hollywood earns about $100k after selling their draft to a studio. However, the more well-known writer can score $1 million and more.

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The successful TV writer and producer currently lives his life in comfort and luxury with his wife in Los Angeles. As a matter of fact, he is the happy owner of two Toluca Lake Mansions and both mansions’ worth is in millions. The first mansion he bought cost him around $4 million and the second one he bought cost him $5,075,000.

Married Life of Bill Prady

Bill Prady tied the knot to his long term girlfriend Krirth Prady. However, details regarding the wedding’s date and venue remain shrouded in the shadows. The couple leads a very loving and successful married life.

Bill Prady and His Wife Krirth Prady in a formal clothes
Bill Prady and His Wife Krirth Prady at an event, 
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The lovey-dovey couple is together for years and is living a blissful life together. Moreover, they are still free from any kinds of divorce rumor.

Bill Prady PaleyFest Interview

In addition, the duo welcomed two adorable children. The couple is the parents of a son Asher Prady and a daughter Stella Prady. The husband-wife couple is very protective when it comes to their children. They keep their children far from the limelight.

Quick Facts of Bill Prady

When was Bill Prady Born?

June 7, 1960, Detroit Michigan

What is his full name?

William Scott Prady

What is Bill Prady’s father’s name?

Norman Prady

What is Bill’s Nationality?


What is Bill’s Ethnicity?


Which school did Bill Prady graduate from?

Cranbrook High School

Where did Bill Prady graduate his college?

Wayne State University

When did he start his career?

1982 at Jim Henson Production

Did Bill Prady ever win an Award?


How Many awards did Bill Prady win?


What is Bill Prady’s height?

5 feet 11 inches

What is Bill weight?

68 Kilograms

Which color are his eyes?

Grayish Blue

What is Bill Prady’s hair color?

Black with a mixture of gray