Being queer is not being outrageous. Some people are, some people aren’t and nobody really knows why. It’s not right or wrong, it’s just the way things are. Big Freedia who decided not to live by society’s standards and also choose her own different path.

Big Freedia discovered her love for the third gender and always wanted to live the way they live and wanted to feel the same they felt. Know more about the musician’s net worth and salary.

Big Freedia’s Net Worth: How Much Does She Earn?

Freddie Ross a.k.a Big Freedia holds an estimated net worth of $3 million. She summoned her wealth from her successful career as a musician. She commenced her career since 1999 and is going very profitably since then.

Big Freedia Net Worth
Freddie Ross Posing
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The lady earns an exceptional income through her music career. She had various singles that became famous throughout the world and earned her fame along with prosperity. She also had various albums that were listed in Billboard’s top 200 timely.

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As other musicians in America, she also earns an average annual salary that ranges from $40k to $101k. Besides music, she sometimes appears in acting roles as well. She starred in the movie Self/less(2015) which made a good impression at the box office with $12 million.

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The artist also earns a positive income from her various social media endorsements, brand promotions, and many other monetary works. She earns $2300 to $3835 per posts she posts on Instagram. So far, she posted over 4231 times and posses 772k+ followers.

She also owns a Youtube channel with almost 100k subscribers. Freedia makes a good income uploading her singles in YouTube. She has over 11 million views on her videos. Freedia’s YouTube single Duffy collected over $6k from youtube. Similarly, her other video featuring Diplo and DJ Snake made over $5.5k.

Youtube: Freedia’s Explode 

Drake’s Nice for What featured Freedia’s introduction which is viewed over 296 million and made $548k from Youtube only. She also signed for the famous Asylum Records through which she earns a good income.

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She paid a compensation of $35 thousand against the charge of income tax frauds. Freddie was also pled guilty in against housing section and was sentenced to three years prohibition and 100 hours community service.

Big Freedia’s Personal Life: Is She Dating?

Freddie Ross is currently dating her new boyfriend Devon Hurst. The couple is dating since 2015. After years of failed relationships, she finally found her man. Devon and Freddie both share equal respect for the third gender.

Big Freedia Relationship
Freddi Ross and Devon Hurst
Source: She Knows

In an interview, she stated Devon is very open with her and that is what she enjoys most about him. She added, Devon highly appreciates her and she is very happy sharing a relationship with Devon.

Youtube: Freedia Interview

Regarding her personal life, Freedia belongs to the third gender, She is gay. Freedia came out as gay when she was 13. She first came out to her mom later, came out to her classmates and society.

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In 2005, Freedia was shot which fortunately didn’t take her life. She is still unknown about the motive behind shooting her. This incident took away her faith and confidence and took her a long time to overcome the nightmare. After years of break, she gathered courage for a comeback and performed in Houston where she met her boyfriend Devon.

Facts About Big Freedia

Where is the birthplace of Big Freedia?

New Orleans, LA, USA

How old is Big Freedia?

41 years old

What is Big Freedia Nationality?


What is Big Freedia Birthsign?


How Tall is Big Freedia?

6 feet 2 Inches

Did Big Freedia go to jail?

Yes, for 3 years

How many studio albums did Big Freedia make?

5 albums

How many singles did Big Freedia compose?

9 singles