Television Reality shows are affixed to high voltage dramas. But, Discovery channel’s reality shows Street Outlaws is something that incorporates cash flows, car racing, and incautious decisions along with enthusiastic hooters. We’re talking about car racing reality show Street Outlaws, where you have probably heard of Big Chief.

He is none other than Justin Shearer, tagged by the fame of Big Chief of Street Outlaws. He is the host of popular reality show Street Outlaws as well as an all-rounder car race driver. From the appearances in street racing reality show, which garnered much praise from spectaculars, Big Chief also attained attention from them as compassionate, safe and competitive sportsmanship for the racing league.

The show is all about fast cars and the person on its driver seat, leaving other cars behind in the league. Well, Justin is one of the car race drivers, dethroning the seat and amusing people with his racing tactics in the street.

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So, what about Justin Shearer’s life behind the car racing array? Is Justin Shearer leading a blissful married life with wife Alicia Shearer?

Lately, rumor has it that Big chief is on the verge of getting a divorce with wife Alicia Shearer. Let’s be clearer on it along Justin Shearer’s married life, wife, children, street racing career, net worth, and wiki, Bio.

Justin Shearer married to wife Alicia Shearer and had two children

Justin Shearer fell for Alicia Shearer at the first sight. He was 18-years old, working in the full-service gas station. Alicia used to pass by the same station, where he was working.

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Upon seeing her, he would get anxious and thought that he is in big trouble from now onwards. Well, the trouble did continue, but in blessed terms.

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Justin Shearer with wife Alicia Shearer and two sons.

The couple, Justin Shearer and Alicia Shearer, dated for a few years and took their relationship status to marriage. They exchanged wedding vows on 29th December 2006.

The duo remained for one another in their harsh times as well as their cheerful moments. They are blessed with two children, both sons – Covil and Corbin Shearer.

Once, he shared on Instagram with a post, where he expressed how he felt after turning down family time with his kids. He often shares his kid’s picture on the social media platform.

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Big Chief AKA Justin Shearer is fulfilling the responsibility of fatherly affection by hanging out with his kids on weekends or vacations and helping them meet their basic as well as exceptional needs.

Is Justin Shearer divorcing his wife Alicia Shearer or not?

Rumor is sparkling that Justin Shearer is trying to pave his way apart from wife Alicia Shearer. It thundered many fans out there, shattering his family man image and questioning why is he breaking apart with Alicia. Moreover, the couple already fell apart. In fact, they are only an official divorce away from officially parting their ways.

The rumor sparkled due to the close bonding of Justin and Jacky Braasch. Fans pinpointed their relationship when Jacky Brassch followed him in every episode of Street Outlaws. They named her Justin’s girlfriend.

Moreover, Big Chief recently announced his divorce with his wife Alicia. Moreover, his bonding with Jacky in the reality television show is the growing suspicion in the divorce between Justin Shearer and Alicia Shearer. Now, all the rumors sound true because Justin and Alicia are officially divorcing very soon.

Updated: Justin Shearer and his former beloved wife with whom he shares two beautiful kids officially filed for divorce and split in 2017. The news broke a lot of their fans’ heart despite knowing that it was coming.

Wiki bio of Justin Shearer’s wife, Alicia Shearer

The 39 years old Alicia Shearer was born in Louisville, Kentucky. She came into limelight when she tied the knot with car racer hipster Justin Shearer, Big Chief.

She was eighteen years old, passing by the gas station, which was the work table of Justin. The two met in the year 1998. Alicia appreciated his nervousness and inapproachable etiquette.

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Hence, they started going out for dates despite Justin was having a problem communicating properly. On the next level, they exchanged wedding rings and have been leading a contended marriage life since then until 2017.

Brief Career of Justin Shearer

Justin Shearer unveiled that his passion for car racing career commenced with smaller production. It started with independent media filming crazy race over the streets. When the video clips blew internet record, Discovery channel tucked up to the chances of unfolding it in the big screen.

Everybody in the crew, including the show’s producer, thought that the show would only stand for the first season. But, as it knocked on the big screen, their thoughts overlapped what they imagined earlier. The show has made thirteen seasons and 105 episodes so far.

Youtube: Big Chief Justin Shearer racing in NHRA

Well, the show is also full of controversies. Once, the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) menaced car race drivers to seize their licenses.

Similarly, it got trapped in illegal cases. Somehow the city council changed their mind, prohibiting car race drivers to speed up the contest on the street.

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Moreover, Big Chief Justin Shearer wrecked the car while racing despite taking caution and safety precaution. His car hit Chucky’s car before it somersaulted and landed in the ditch. Both of the car racers were taken to the hospital instantly.

Justin Shearer’s Net Worth

Since the early days, Justin Shearer is hooked to street racing and has been participating in different racing events. Now he is the host of one of the most popular reality shows, Street Outlaws.

It must be adding worthy figures to Justin Shearer’s net worth. The estimated net worth of Justin Shearer is $2 million as of 2019.

From his work as a street racer and a TV personality, Justin Shearer earns around $67k to $100k per year. Encompassing further popularity, he will be attaining another handsome net worth by next year, won’t he?

Justin Shearer’s Wiki-Bio; Age, Early life!

Justin Shearer was born on December 9, 1980, in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. At the age of nine years old, he became fascinated by street racing, dragging gears to unlimited speed.

So, he would frequently sneak out to watch street racing. He was sporty in his early days, spending horse training with mother and working out on car mechanics along with his father.

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Justin Shearer did not participate in any racing events until he hit adolescence. Big Chief is gaga over cars. He has also named his dream car modified 1972 Pontiac The Crow.

When he is not racing, he is busy gearing up for exercises and powerlifting. As you have already guessed, Justin Shearer is also a gym maniac.

Justin Shearer Body Measurement

  • Height = 5 feet 7 inches
  • Weight = 75 kg
  • Age = 39 years
  • Eyes = Brown
  • Hair = Brown