Most people don’t watch European movies except English ones, but there are also many talented and skilled actors in other countries as well. Today we will be talking about actress Berenika Kohoutova who is a Czech actress.

The 28-year-old is a very popular personality in her homeland and won the hearts of many abroad too. She is famous as a television actress but she has also worked in movies, theater, and even in writing and singing. So who is she? What is her relationship status? Get to know all right here.

Who is Berenika Kohoutova?

Berenika Kohoutova is a Czech actress, singer, blogger, and writer. Beginning her work in the television series, she later worked in movies, singing, and writing. She is mostly known for her works such as Street, Your Face has a Familiar voice, Blue Code, Prima, etc.

YouTube: Berenika Kohoutova singing.

The charming actress is a theater actress and still performs actively in it. As for singing, she was the former member of the Czech mic group DiscoBalls where she was for a year.

How is Berenika Kohoutova’s Personal Life? Dating or Single?

Berenika Kohoutova is single at the present and not involved in any love affair. However, she was in a matrimonial relationship with Czech film producer Pavel Cechak.

Berenika Kohoutova with her former spouse Pavel Cehak
Berenika Kohoutova with her former husband Pavel Cehak.


Pavel was 16 years older than Kohoutova but in spite of the age difference, the duo got along pretty well. They tied the knot in front of families, friends, and close relatives on May 01, 2016.

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But it was not her husband Cechak’s first wedlock as he had hitched before to actress Tatiana Vilhelmova. The two even shared two sons from their marriage.

Berenika even took care of her former spouse, children and also accepted his surname. The family seemed to live a normal life but unfortunately, that was not the case. The pair separated only a year and a half of nuptial in 2017.

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Other than that, she is not involved in an affair with anyone else. Likewise, she is focusing on her flourishing career and for now, prefers to be single.

How  Much is Berenika Kohoutova’s Net Worth?

Berenika Kohoutova has an estimated net worth of $200 Thousand. She made her wealth through her career in various field such as acting, singing, writing, and dubbing.

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The average salary of an actress in the Czech is $36,000 per year whereas a singer earns around $17 per hour and can make $36,539 annually. After working in many movies, television, she surely earned a good sum of bucks.

Berenika Kohoutova’s Social Media

Berenika Kohoutova is active on social media where she has a good fan following. She uses Instagram and Facebook where she boasts 64 Thousand and over 10 Thousand followers respectively.

The Journey to Rome actress regularly posts pictures and videos with of herself and with her friends and co-stars. The beautiful lady is a travel fanatic and often squeezes out time to visits beautiful places.

Quick Facts of Berenika Kohoutova

Where and when was Berenika Kohoutova born?

Prague, Czechoslovakia, February 15, 1991

Who are Berenika Kohoutova’s parents?

Irena Obermannova

What nationality does Berenika Kohoutova belong to?


What is Berenika Kohoutova’s ethnicity?


Where did Berenika Kohoutova receive her education from?

Jan Neruda Grammar School and Prague Conservatory

When and which is Berenika Kohoutova’s debut movie?

Men in Hope (2011)

What color is Berenika Kohoutova’s hair?


Which color eyes does Berenika Kohoutova Possess?

Greyish Blue

How tall is Berenika Kohoutova?

5 feet 6 inches

How old is Berenika Kohoutova?

28 years old.