When it comes to the showbiz industry, celebrities are often linked to other stars when they’re not in a relationship. Rumors start swirling related to their love life, marriage, sexuality and what not.

Similarly, the CEO of The Medina Company also known as the manager of Jennifer Lopez, Benny Medina was rumored to be gay.

Jennifer Lopez backstage at the Oscars with manager Benny Medina
Jennifer Lopez backstage at the Oscars with manager Benny Medina. 

Photo credit: pagesix.com

But this rumor seems to be untrue. Does he have a girlfriend or did he get married? I bet these were the questions that popped in your head. So, let’s find out what could be the possible reason.

What led to gay rumors of Benny Medina? Is he married by now?

Back in the day, Benny Medina was rumored to be actor Will Smith‘s boyfriend. It was when they were both working together for the movie Fresh Prince.

He was accused of sexually abusing Will repeatedly during the Fresh Prince period. The controversy made headlines back then and led to further rumors about their sexuality of being gay.

Benny Medina and Will Smith attending an event back in 2008
Benny Medina and Will Smith attending an event back in 2008. 

photo credit: dailymail.co.uk

It looks like he was falsely accused and to add to this he had dated American model Beverly Johnson, but their relationship didn’t last long. Like any other celebrity, Medina has kept his life low key due to which it’s hard to figure out who he is dating and details regarding his current girlfriend are also not revealed.

He is never seen with anyone, nor he is married or has any children. This multi-talented star seems to be focused on his career more than his love life.

Benny Medina’s Short Bio and Jaw-Dropping Net Worth!

Born on January 24, 1958, Benny Medina who is not only an artist manager but also a producer, actor, musician, record executive, songwriter, and the list goes on.

Throughout his career, he has produced some great music, managed famous stars, recording artists, and performers and was in a band himself. If you look through Benny’s achievements, I’m sure you’ll be shocked.

He has managed to put his hands on both music and film industry and trust me Benny Medina has done a pretty good job for himself. With American-African ethnicity, Benny is now 59 years of age, and he doesn’t seem to stop amusing us with his talents and contributions in the entertainment industry.

His hard work sure is reflected in his earnings. Benny Medina has an estimated net worth which is $20 million. Yes, you heard that right.