Ben Domenech is engaged with his long-term girlfriend. His long dating history is now turning up to a permanent wedding knot. The Federalist publisher has his own independent identity, still, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Ben Domenech will soon afterward be called as Megan McCain’s fiance or Megan McCain’s would-be husband. Ben Domenech had since long remained her boyfriend and now would not be unfair to call him “Megan McCain’s fiance”. Is Ben Domenech engaged with his princess?

Now you must be wondering how long these two media personalities were dating, how they got engaged when they are going to be married and like?

Here there is a gist of all you would like to know about Ben Domenech engagement, dating history, girlfriend and would-be wife, speculations of their close married life and also age wiki bio and net worth.

Is Ben Domenech engaged with his princess? Yes Domenech engaged  With His Long-Term Girlfriend Meghan McCain

Ben Domenech and Meghan McCain
Ben Domenech and Meghan McCain


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Ben Domenech is recently engaged to Meghan McCain. Both of them are media personalities and a kind of public figures. Of course, Meghan McCain is more well known in public than Ben Domenech, but, does this suggest Megan McCain will overshadow her fiance? Not necessarily. Because Ben Domenech is also established in his career in media. He is well known through his radio, newspaper, and online writing and commentator jobs. His employment history and work experience are also sufficient to add to his would-be wife’s established social height.

While Ben Domenech was engaged to his long-term girlfriend Meghan McCain, media started responding this important event of his life would raise his image of a media person to a popular journalist and the former US presidential candidate’s daughter’s fiance. It is not completely wrong, rather it also can be a relationship which complements in one another’s identity, popularity, name, and fame.

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Ben and Megan’s Engagement: The Girlfriend News and the Fiance Tweet!

Ben Domenech was engaged to his columnist girlfriend Meghan McCain but it was not only he who first let us know of the engagement. First The US Weekly posted the news giving priority of their engagement on November 1, 2017. Later, Ben tweeted, “Love you bae,” along with Meghan McCain’s photo affirming The US Weekly news of their engagement.