How do you look when you have a 101-degree fever? Well, we don’t know about you, but Bella Hadid‘s looks are too hot to handle.

Bella Hadid’s Fever and Paris Fashion Week

One of the in-demand models of this era, Bella Hadid walked down the runway with a 101-degree fever at the Paris Fashion Week this Thursday, February 28, 2019.

Before her show, Bella Hadid wrote on her Instagram story, “101 fever is not cute when walking a runway.” The story had a selfie of her at the backseat of a car with a large text hiding her face.

Bella Hadid walks down the show though 101 fever
Bella Hadid before her runway walk; Source: Harpers Bazaar

Though Bella was not feeling well, she looked quite stunning in her Off-Wite Fall 2019 closing.

The lady rocked a yellow checked look with an oversized top and checkered boots and shorts. There was nothing to worry about as her sister Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss were also the ones walking the runway.

This, however, was not all! She also closed down another show, the Redemption Fashion Show. During that walk, she wore a mini-dress that featured silver sequins on one half and on the other, a blazer.

Bella Hadid had 101 fever when she closed the Redemption Fashion Show
Bella Hadid in The Redemption Show; Source: W Magazine

The lady later posted her Redemption Fashion Show closing on her Instagram with the caption, “Closing @redemptionoffical this afternoon. Thank you for having me, fever and all.”

The Paris Fashion Week is currently in its final weeks but there is still more to go!