Robert Van Impe, aka the Average Rob, is one of a few people in the world, blessed with a capability to enjoy a memorable time and take pictures with popular celebrities he wants. Yes, you got it right! Any actors and actresses you can see only on TV or cinema. He has slept literally with many celebrities. The main question striking your mind right now must be “Why the celebrities make an exception for this guy?” And, you must be feeling jealous with Average Rob.

Do you want to live his life? Yes, it is possible for you too! Because Average Rob lives his dream via top-notch Photoshop skills. Despite his name refers Average, his image editing skill is highly impressive and realistic. Let’s check out some of his photos with famous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Eminem, Barack Obama, Beckham, Selena Gomez, Ryan Reynolds, and so on.

Who is Average Rob? Facts On Average Rob Wiki-Bio!

Born in the year 1992, Average Rob is a digital artist and comedian, most famous for his top-notch photoshop editing skills. He edits the photos of celebrities with himself, making the photos hilarious and realistic. He is also a journalist for a Belgian comedy magazine, Humo.

Average Rob real name is Robert Van Impe.

Average Rob birthday is on 27th of February. With the upcoming birthday celebration in February 2018, Average Rob age will be 26. At present, Average Rob age is 25.

According to his bio on social media, he is a self-proclaimed ‘mediocre dude’ from Belgium, especially ‘mediocre’ at Photoshop. Rob is also a Master’s degree holder in Advertising and Marketing from Coventry University.

Average Rob is a Photoshop king who has garnered over 291,000 Instagram fans. All thanks to his edited hilarious photos with celebrities. His most popular edits include photos with Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, David Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Barack Obama, and much more.

His first edited photo on Instagram was with soccer player Romelu Lukaku.

He has not revealed any details about his parents and family including his height. Thus, we will update you on Average Rob parents, Average Rob height, and Average Rob family later!

Further details on Average Rob wiki-bio will be available soon!

Average Rob Dating/Married

Average Rob has not disclosed any information about his personal life. He is too secretive in nature. Regarding Average Rob married life, it seems as if he has not married yet. Considering his age, he has still time to get married to a wife and live a married life with wife and children. Thus, Average Rob married life, Average Rob wife, and Average Rob children are all future talks.

What about Average Rob dating life? Has he any girlfriend?

Well, Average Rob has not revealed his dating life as well. Whether he has a girlfriend or not, yet has to be revealed. So, we will come back later to update you on Average Rob dating life and Average Rob girlfriend.