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Australian TV Presenter and Businessman Eddie McGuire Net Worth, House and Property

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Eddie McGuire falls on one of the top millionaire lists in Australia. Born on 29 September 1964, he was raised in Victoria. He is Australian TV presenter and renowned business person. By age, he is now fifty-two years and nine months old; he achieved success in his platform being a TV host and a business personnel. Eddie is a truly inspiring person who led inspiration to much of lads to get motivated. As of now, Eddie McGuire net worth counts $55 million, which surely is high.

eddie mcguire and carla mcguire er)
Eddie McGuire and his wife Carla McGuire

McGuire has not revealed anything of his personal life; his career life is open, though. A bunch of people are interested in his life as secrecy is the key to curiosity. As one versatile TV host, he made himself interesting to people. McGuire married Carla and has two sons, Joseph and Alexander McGuire. Even if there is no availability of exact net worth values in properties, we were able to compile this information.

Eddie McGuire Net Worth , House and Properties

Eddie McGuire Salary

eddie mcguire commentator
Eddie McGuire works as commentator for Fox Footy.

McGuire currently works as host in ‘Millionaire Hot Seat’ program that runs on Channel Nine. Along with that, he also works as a commentator for Fox Footy. He works as chairman in both of his sports clubs and is a director at Victorian Major Events. He is also the director of Jax Capital Company. Working on all of these surely fetches most of popularity and profit. His annual salary reaches $3.5 million.

Eddie McGuire House

Eddie owns a house in Toorak Road which he owned for $11 million. The documents of the property state the purchaser to be Jax Capital Pvt. Ltd. of which Mr and Mrs McGuire are directors. He also owns a commercial property in Toorak Office block costing $12.575 million. This property, he bought as mystery buyer. Currently, McGure and his family are living in Toorak mansion.

eddie mcguire house toorak road
Eddie McGuire owns commercial estate in toorak road. His house also is in toorak road worth $11 million.

The house covers 2000 square meter of area, of which the market price was around $10 million then. McGuire, however, paid $2.575 more just in case to be sure no other buys that property. By the looks, the house must be around 25 years old. It is in Georgian style which is renovated to make better.

Eddie McGuire Clubs

Eddie owns football club named ‘The Collingwood Football Club’ of which he is chairman. Along with that, he also owns ‘The Melbourne Stars’ named cricket team. He is now currently investing for his dream stadium of whopping $1 billion.

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