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Australian Actor Alex Cubis Girlfriend. Who is He Dating?

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Last updated on November 23rd, 2017 at 01:43 pm

In the context of Australian Celebrity Industry, Alex Cubis is known as rising star. Being of white ethnicity, this actor is working on projects after projects. Born on 24 October 1990, Cubis already appeared in movies and series like ‘The Gauntlet’, ‘An Australian Horror Movie’ and more.

Not much of his news is around lately except his girlfriend. Being a good actor and having a good celebrity life doesn’t mean he does not have his personal life at all. The rumors of dating co-star are true or not, find out Alex Cubis girlfriend now!

Alex Cubis Girlfriend is Harriet Dyer – Rumours

Undoubtedly, Alex is matched up with Harriet Dyer on-screen. She was portrayed as his wife in ‘Rake‘, the American series. Harriet played as Star Mannix; the pair was popular then. But the rumours went further more when Dyer split with Ben Lawson.

A photo posted by ALEX CUBIS™ (@alexjcubis) on

Once Alex himself kept his fans under confusion through the picture posted on his Instagram. Later, he revealed it to be a part of his show. This caption fooled several fans and followers.

Alex Cubis relationship rumours with Isabel Durant

The female lead role of ‘Mako-Easy Mermaid‘, Isabel Durant is yet another person linked with Alex’s love life. This sci-fi series portrays the love life of mermaid and merman; Alex as Erik and Isabel as Onida. The on-screen photos of these two if seen, someone will surely get fooled.

alex cubis as erik
Alex Cubis as Erik Merman in the series Mako-Easy Mermaid. He is main actor of this series with Isabel as mermaid.

Alex Cubis Girlfriend and Dating life

Alex is not open to all, so is not noticed talking about his girlfriend(s) or his relations. Thus, we can’t boast whether he really have a girlfriend or not. Still, this situation does not stop rumours about his girlfriends. As an actor, he is able to maintain chemistry in both on-screen and off-screen. Most of the people might get thought of him having co-star as a date, but is not sure.

Even if he is seen with a bunch of co-actors and female fans, he is not seen openly with anyone more than a time. As of now, this hot actor may not have girlfriends. He will surely find one, in time.