The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are, so did Austin Augie. Working as a normal employee from 9 to 5 in a standard company in California, Augie decided to make a change in his career and started riding BMX that helped him gain immense popularity.

Augie started creating contents related to BMX and posted them on Youtube that helped him to establish himself as a successful Youtube. He managed to make impressive prosperity and fame from his career. Well, in this article we shed information on Austin Augie career, earnings including detail information on his net worth and personal life.

Who Is Austin Augie?

Autin Augie is an American BMX rider, Youtuber as well as a model. Augie is famous for his self-titled Youtube channel, Austin Augie. He creates contents showcasing his talents as a BMX rider and managed to earn thousands of subscribers.

Before his fame, Augie worked a 9 to 5 standard job in California. He is a chilling and partying kind of person and spent most of his earning on enjoyment. The BMX rider also has tried his hands in modeling and featured in commercials for famous companies.

Austin Augie Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn?

Austin Augie possesses a net worth of $300 thousand. Augie gathered his fortune from his career as a BMX rider and a Youtuber. He has a self-titled Youtube channel through which he makes a satisfying income for himself.

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Augie managed to gather a total of 516k+ subscribers on his self-titled channel. With average earnings of $952 per video, Augie summoned a total of $646 thousand from his channel. He has a grand total of 70 million video views on his channel.

Augie also earns an impressive income from social media endorsements and promotions, He earns $450 to $700 per post from Instagram as a social media endorsement. So far, he posted over 159 times and has 147k+ followers.

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Nonetheless, the BMX rider also generates marvelous income working for several companies like Timberland, Empire BMX, Lake Perris BMX, and many others. He has appeared on the commercials and advertisements of the companies and earned an impressive income.

Austin Augie Personal Life: Is He Dating?

Austin Augie is not dating anyone currently. Augie was involved in a relationship with one of the Shameless’ actress, however, there are no official details related to his former girlfriend. He looks like a carefree and freakish guy and doesn’t seem to involve in a serious relationship.

Augie had his name hooked with several women in the past, however, none of them had formal confirmation. Scrolling through his Instagram, he frequently keeps on posting photos with famous models and celebrities. He loves spending time with girls but doesn’t like to get too close.

Austin Augie Tattoos

Austin Augie is a tattoo enthusiast and has several tattoos all over his bodies. He has a total of around 15 different tattoos all over his body. Most of his tattoos are relevant to his life story and some of them he just got on his own.

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Augie got his first tattoo at the age of 18, his father suggested him to have a tattoo. His first tattoo was an eagle holding a wheel of a motorbike in its claws. He also has a tattoo of two hands, a black and a white holding each holder which represent that he is an anti-racist.

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As Augie has an unnatural hatred towards cops, he got a tattoo of two bulldogs written A.C.A.B below it which means All Cops Are Bastard. Likewise, he also has a tattoo of his high school teacher Mr. Meadows on his foot whom he hated the most during his high school.

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Moreover, Augie got a tattoo of two snakes together on his stomach, one lion each on his two different chests, a necklace like a thing around his nake, a mermaid on his upper right arm, something like classic queens on his upper and lower left arm and anonymous signs and illustrations on his lower right arm.

Austin Augie Body Measurement

Born on 15th July 1992, Austin Augie stands at a height of 6 feet 1 inch. Augie is alluring and good-looking personality with Green colored eyes and Light Brown hair.

Facts About Austin Augie

Where is the birthplace of Austin Augie?

Amboy, Indiana, USA

How old is Austin Augie?

26 years old

What is the birth sign of Austin Augie?


What is the Nationality of Austin Augie?


Which Ethnicity does Austin Augie belong to?


What is the color of Austin Augie’s eyes?


How tall is Austin Augie?

6 feet 1 inch