Aurora Perrineau is a model and an American Actress who has done hit TV series of “The Pretty Liars” and movies “Passengers.” Perrineau is a young actress to be reckoned with and to watch. She has a sparkling gem within herself, and her talent has yet to bloom in the industry. Aurora Perrineau has done movies Air collision, Passengers and TV series episodes of Newsreaders and in Chasing Life.

Despite her young career, let’s know more about Perrineau personal life. Is Aurora Perrineau engaged? If yes, who is her finance? Perhaps she might be dating someone? Was Aurora Perrineau sexual assaulted; who was that guy? Let’s find out more about it.

Aurora Perrineau dating; who is Aurora’s boyfriend?

Actress and model Aurora Perrineau is a gorgeous girl in the film industry. Many of her fans assume that she can’t be single. Her fans speculate that Aurora is in a relationship and must be dating with someone else? If yes, who is Aurora boyfriend? Let’s know the facts

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Aurora Perrineau is a private person and hasn’t shared much information relating to this topic. We can tell that Aurora is single. If she was dating someone recently, then they have already broken up, and Aurora Perrineau has moved on to accomplish her dreams.

Is Aurora Perrineau Engaged Or Married?

Aurora Perrineau is a young, talented and beautiful actress in film industry. With her gaining fame, is Aurora Perrineau engaged with someone?

Sadly this beautiful actress hasn’t engaged with anyone and is not married as of now. Aurora Perrineau has kept her personal life so private and low key than no details regarding her love life is revealed. If she engages with anyone it will be interesting to known who Aurora is going to marry.

We will let you known as soon as we get information regarding this topic. So, stay tuned.

Aurora Perrineau Wiki-bio, career and net worth

Born in 1994 in the United States of America, Aurora Perrineau celebrates her birthday on September 23. According to Aurora Perrineau wiki, she is at the age of 23. Aurora Perrineau birth name is Aurora Robinson Perrineau, and she is the daughter of actor Harold Perrineau and model Brittany Perrineau.

Aurora Perrineau has a height of 5 feet 6 inch. In meter, Aurora Perrineau has a height of 1.68 meters. Aurora Perrineau started her career as a model and signed to Click Model Management, Inc. She debuted her first acting career in Pretty Little Liars in 2011 as Bianca.

Later on, she was featured in Air Collision as Radhika Darshan in 2012. Aurora came in Newsreaders as Hilary for 1 episode. In 2015, Aurora debuted in a movie: A House Is Not a Home, Equals, Jem and the Holograms, Freaks of Nature and TV series Chasing Life as Margo for four episodes. In 2016, Aurora did a small role in the movie “Passengers.” In 2017, she featured as Casey in “The Carmichael Show.”

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Caption: Aurora Perrineau sexually assaulted by scriptwriter Murray Miller. 

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Besides her career, Perrineau was sexually assaulted by scriptwriter Murray Miller who was the topic of the news. At the age of seventeen in 2012, the actress was accused, and she filed a police report with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in November 2017.

Youtube: Actress, Aurora Perrineau sexually assaulted by Murray Miller

As an actress and model, Aurora Perrineau has the net worth estimated at 3 million dollars as of 2018.