A lot of people are into video games and they must have heard so many voices while playing them. One of the incredible voice artists who make the characters feel real is Ashley Burch.

Burch is mainly famous because of her voice role as Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn. She not only entertained us with her vocal abilities but also her writing creativity. Now, let’s talk more about the voice actress!

Ashley Burch’s Net Worth in Millions

The 29 years old Ashley Burch’s net worth is estimated at $1.9 million. As a matter of fact, she made a fortune through voicing skills and also from her writing creativity.

Burch worked for 102 different video games, animations, films, dramas, and also animes. Most probably, she receives an annual salary of $50,000 from her voice acting career. Apart from this, Ashley retains an extra sum of money as a writer.

Ashley, together with her older brother Anthony Burch even created a web series, Hey Ash, Whatcha Playing’? In the HAWP Official channel. They collect a yearly income of $389-$6.2 thousand from the chain as it consists of 300 thousand+ subscribers.

Burch is excessively fond of cats as she often posts them on her Instagram. She adopted two Sphynx, each cost around $5000.

Ashly Burch’s Relationship Status

Ashley Burch fell in love with David Fetzer, an American actor. In fact, they started dating in 2010 and also starred together in Must Come Down (2012).

Unfortunately, after dating for more than two years, David left the world at the early age of 30, on December 20, 2012, because of accidental overdose. She as well showed her grief on her blog, twitter, plus Instagram.

On December 21, 2017, She twitted her grief conveying; it’s been five years of her partner’s untimely death.

Fetzer’s birthday is on 18th December, so Burch posted her Instagram stating his birthday, and also, he would have reached 35 in 2017.

After David’s sudden death, Ashly even faced chronic anxiety as she discussed it on Paul Gilmartin’s Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast. Furthermore, the video game writer Ashly Burch admitted that her passion on video games since her childhood was only able to calm her down.

We assume the 29 years old Ashly Burch is currently single. Hence, she is focusing more on her career.

Early Life

Ashly Burch was born on June 19, 1990, in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Her Father, David Burch, belongs to white ethnicity, whereas her mother is an immigrant of Thai and East Indian ethnicity. David Burch, along with the Asian descent wife, gave birth to two children Anthony and Ashley Burch.

Ashley attended Occidental College in Los Angeles and graduated in 2012. Additionally, Jackie Ross is her other name.

Professional Career

Burch started to write and acted in her web series, Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’? along with her elder brother. As a result, she got an offer for voice acting as well as her brother Anthony as a writer for Borderlands 2. Moreover, she appeared in the video game Awesomenauts in 2010.

Anthony advised Ashley to apply for the role of Tiny Tina. In the video game Life Is Strange, she played as Chloe Price after her audition along with Max Caulfield, Victoria Chase, and Kate Marsh.

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