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Quick Facts of

  • Born NameAsaad Amin
  • Birth PlaceLouisville, Kentucky
  • Height6 feet 3 inches
  • Eye ColorBlack
  • NationalityAmerican
  • EthnicityAfro-American
  • ProfessionFormer Assistant Baseball Coach
  • WifeRachel Ali
  • Net Worth$7 million
  • SiblingLaila Ali, Maryum Ali, Rasheda Ali, Jamillah Ali, Hana Ali, Miya Ali, Khaliah Ali, Muhammad Ali Jr.
  • ParentsMohammad Ali and Yolanda Lonnie Williams

There is a trend that most of the children follow in their father’s footsteps such as son/daughter becomes a doctor if father/mother is a doctor. But Asaad Amin is an exception to this trend, despite, being a son of the legendary boxer, he decided to follow his heart and started his career in baseball.

Asaad started his career as a professional baseball player and helped his high school toward the Southwestern Michigan Athletic Gathering West Division Championship. Then he eventually became an assistant baseball coach.

Who is Asaad Amin?

Asaad Amin is the youngest son of Late Mohammad Ali, the greatest boxer of all time. Beforehand Asad was a baseball player in the University of Louisville, former Assistant baseball coach at Ellsworth College and former Area Scout for the Chicago Whitesox. His parents raised him with his eight siblings, Laila Ali, Maryum Ali, Rasheda Ali, Jamillah Ali, Hana Ali, Miya Ali, Khaliah Ali, and Mohammad Ali Jr.

Asad was a baseball player in the University of Louisville, former Assistant baseball coach at Ellsworth College and former Area Scout for the Chicago Whitesox.
Asad Amin is the youngest son of Late Mohammad Ali.              Source: Showbiz Post

Asaad was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. In 1986, Mohammad Ali and his fourth wife, Yolanda Lonnie Williams adopted Amin at the age of just five months. At that time, Lonnie’s sister cared for a friend’s baby, Asad, who was going into foster care. But the baby’s fortune took a big turn when Ali and Yolanda met the baby, loved him and decided to adopt him.

Asaad Amin’s Personal Life: Is He Married?

Asaad Amin is married to Rachel Ali, his best friend turned into a girlfriend, on December 30, 2018.  From his Instagram profile, it is obvious that they are together for a very long time.


Amin posted a photo on Instagram sharing thankfulness to all those who helped him and Rachel in celebrating their wedding. The couple looked stunning in their outfits, with Asaad wearing a dashing red blazer and Rachel wearing a beautiful white gown.


Rachel, moreover,  also wore sparkling high heels at the bottom of which Miss Ali established 12-28-18 was written. Their happiness is clearly visible in this photo as both are having a time of their life as their relationship of best friends turned into a husband and wife.


Well, Asaad and Rachel fell for each other at the baseball stadium, which he shared through his post. They seem to relive those moments in this photo and feel happy and lucky that they crossed the paths with each other.


Amin also let his followers know that his relationship with his spouse is getting better with the time. He compared their photos from the Thanksgiving of 2017 and 2018 and stated in a funny way that they are working out more and eating less turkey now.


Amin, further, is a very lucky man as he swore an oath with Rachel as his partner, who always makes him feel special. His wife treated him to a nice dinner at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse, Louisville, where the couple celebrated his birthday.

Asad Amin’s Nature As A Person: How is he?

Youngest son of the Legend boxer, Mohammad Ali, Asaad Amin is the kind of person who loves enjoying his life as well entertains his fans and followers. He gives them a reason to smile when they scroll through his posts on social profile.


Asaad shared this photo of the waterfall he visited with a funny caption stating that the water was very cold and as a result of it, he peed in the waterfall. The caption made his followers laugh boisterously as well as entertain them.

Asaad before hitching with Rachel once joked about being married and having children on his Twitter post on July 17,  2012. He tweeted:

Flipping through the channels trying to find Martin… But I guess my wife and kids will do in the meantime.

This tweet buzzed the media and people wondered whether Asaad really tied the knot with someone. But it turned out to be just a funny tweet Amin shared to have fun with his followers.

Asaad Amin and Late Mohammad Ali: How Much Did Asar Admire His Father?

Asaad Amin did not get to see his Late father in the ring action. At the time, Mohammad and Yolanda adopted him, Mohammad was already suffering from Perkinson’s disease. Even though Asaad did not see his father box in the ring, he is a great admirer of his dad’s boxing career.


The celebrity kid shared this photo of his childhood with his father. He misses his dad very much and keeps posting dad’s photos on his social profile as a remembrance for himself as well as his followers.


After Mohammad Ali passed away in 2016, Asaad posted a series of touching tributes online to the man who took him under his wings when he needed help the most. He always admired Ali’s physical hardship. Amin further described him as a fearless man who never showed his weakness as he was a sturdy and durable person who never complained about a thing.

Asaad Amin’s Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn?

Asaad Amin owns an impressive amount of net worth which is around $7 million. He earned a salary of around $35,000 per year as an assistant coach. Amin also received a portion of his late father’s $50 million wealth, which is $6.5 million as per her father’s will. He also earns estimated earnings of $46.5 – $77.5 from his Instagram profile @saadi_hendrix.


Husband of Rachel, Asaad, also owns a car which he uses to commute to his work and back to his house. Similarly, browsing through his Instagram profile, one can easily perceive how much lavishing lifestyle he is maintaining. He and his wife attend many movies, baseball games as well as many ceremonies in eye-catching outfits.

Asaad Amin’s Body Measurements

Asaad Amin stands tall at the height of 6 feet 3 inches with a bulky body. He possesses black hair with black eyes.


Asad inked a tattoo on his right arm in honor of his Late father, Mohammad Ali. The word Ali is written on his arms with the portrayal of boxing gloves, which is a special tribute to his dad’s legendary boxing career.

Quick Facts of Asaad Amin

Where is Asaad Amin originally from?

Louisville, Kentucky

What is the nationality of Asaad Amin?


Which ethnicity does Asaad Amin follow?


Does Asaad Amin have siblings?

Yes, Laila Ali, Maryum Ali, Rasheda Ali, Jamillah Ali, Hana Ali, Miya Ali, Khaliah Ali, Muhammad Ali Jr.

What is the eye color of Asaad Amin?


What color hair does Asaad Amin have?



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