Arwa Damon is known for many things but most of all, she is known for her courage. She is known to have successfully covered so many difficult war stories that happened in the Iraq civil war. She has achieved a great feat in her career, but what about her love life?

Is she involved in dating? Who might have conquered the heart of this bold lady? Let’s find it all here. Also, get more insight on her remarkable professional achievements.

CNN journalist Arwa Damon’s love life, more speculation on her lesbian rumors!

All of us are very curious to know who Arwa Damon is dating. But as it turns out, this beautiful lady is so devoted to the work that in many interviews, she has claimed that work is her lover.

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She has been into many undertakings of roaming into war-affected places of Iraq so as to continue her journalist expeditions.  Although she had posted a picture on Instagram with a guy which many claimed to be her boyfriend, she had captioned it saying that it was her boss.

Caption: Arwa’s Instagram post with a male companion which many mistook as her boyfriend

This Arab-American journalist seems to be more into her mission to save the world rather than her love life. And this is one of the many and exact reasons why we love Arwa.

Being romantically not involved in a relationship with men, many have also started rumors that she might be a lesbian, but there are no such confirmation from her side yet.

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We are sure that even if she were a lesbian, people would still fully support her sexual preference for being a lesbian. Also, it is quite strange to see her being single and not having a boyfriend till now; we hope she finds herself some time to have a good husband and a cute family with whom she can spend some time with.

Arwa’s career achievement, charity events, and net worth!

Arwa Damon is one true saint who wishes the best for the world and works really hard for it. She is a senior correspondent for CNN. Her nationality is American, but she was born to an American father and Syrian mother on 19th September 1977.

Damon decided on becoming a journalist after the incident of twin tower attacks. She moved to Baghdad at the beginning of the Iraq war and started working as a freelance producer for CNN, Fox News PBS, and others at the beginning. She later joined CNN in February 2006 being the senior correspondent in Istanbul based office.

She has covered many civil and military war stories of Iraq.

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Yes it's my first post. Falluja 2004.

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Caption: Arwa during one of her many mission in Iraq to gather information about war, 2004

She was nominated for Emmy awards in 2012 and was awarded Courage in Journalism Award in 2014.

She also runs an organization called INARA which looks after the poor and underprivileged kids of Iraq. Her salary as CNN worker has not been disclosed yet, but we bet it is more than enough for her to give back to the society with the money she earns. This is why we suspect she has a net worth of $3 million.

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Arwa Damon has been a source of inspiration to all. An Iraqi family named their child after her because of her courage and boldness. We hope she continues in making this world a better place to live in.