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Who is Arianne Zucker Dating after Divorcing Kyle Lowder? Who is Her Boyfriend Then?

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Love can be pure, love can be elegant. But elegancy of love also has its limits if the choice is wrong. When it comes to right person to love and live, there is no limit. Similar thing happened with famous actress Arianne Zucker who finally found her right love after divorcing her ex-husband Kyle Lowder. We shall today uncover about Arianne Zucker dating life after divorce and about her boyfriend!

New Boyfriend: Arianne Zucker Dating Life with Shawn Christian

Snooping in Zucker’s private life, we found out about her dating life. Arianne started dating Shawn since 2014. Soon after starting to date, they also started sharing affection towards each other. They were seen in Sydney, the source reported them to be there for skydiving. As Arianne finally found her true love, she seems to run her love life very smoothly. That’s why there are no news and rumors about them having conflicts.

The duo posted a picture in both account (Shawn’s and Arianne’s Instagram account) with two different quotes: ‘Guide’ and ‘Protector’!

#MyProtector #MyGuide Thanks for the photo Robert! @shawnchristian5150

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Shawn seems to be pretty good stepfather as well. Arianne recently posted another picture in her Instagram account of her, boyfriend and her daughter Isabella Reese Lowder skating. Isabella is quite a lucky girl to have a new family like that.

Well…between roller skating and ice skating my calves are a burning! @shawnchristian5150

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Arianne and Kyle Lowder: Still Friends after Divorce!

Arianne’s first love, or say ex-husband Kyle Lowder met each other in the year 2000 while casting for the series ‘Days of Our Lives’. They became friends at first which slowly transformed into affair. After sharing love life for two years, the duo tied knot in the year 2002. They shared blissful married life for 5 years. But in 2007, the duo got separated but not for long time. Later in the year 2008, they again got connected. After second homecoming, Arianne became pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl named Isabella in the year 2009.

In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Arianne gave a statement:

‘If you are trying to know about our private affairs regarding rumors, we only want to say that we respected our privacy matters and split quietly. Now we are divorced officially; but we will be friends forever and still will continue to be parents.’

Further, Kyle also added:

‘Arianne was like, we can be together forever, but you’re still young. If you want to get experience in life, you are free in doing so. I do not want to force you to marry me suddenly!’

Fun with the fam these last few days! @shawnchristian5150

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The duo was not able to make it! Arianne and Lowder divorced in the year 2014 after sharing 12 years of married life. The split was completely unthinkable as it led to heartbreak of her fans and followers. The real reason of their divorce was never disclosed though. The rumor about their divorce is said to be the age gap between them. Although their married life failed, Arianne and Kyle are still friends and are together caring their child.

Zucker is happy to be separated from Kyle and to be connected with Shawn. However, we do not have information about her current love life, how it is going on.

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