Anything that comes out of Katherine Ryan‘s mouth is peak comedy. Born to be a comedian, Katherine truly doesn’t even need to try to say or sound funny. So, ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce Katherine Ryan, a comedian, model, actor, writer, and influencer.

The gorgeous podcaster of Katherine Ryan: Telling Everybody Everything, however, is a taken woman and broke her fans’ heart when she revealed her marriage to long-term husband boyfriend turned husband, Bobby Kootstra, a Canadian engineer.

Married To Boyfriend Turned Husband Bobby Kootstra

Fans knew about Katherine Ryan’s relationship with then-boyfriend Bobby Kootstra whom she began dating in 2018. Not to mention, they were also well aware of the fact that Kootstra was happily in a civil partnership relationship with Kootstra. The love birds decided to enter a civil partnership in Denmark in 2019.

Katherine Ryan and her Canadian civil partner, Bobby Kootstra.
Source: Daily Mail

As a matter of fact, Ryan’s daughter Violet from a previous relationship was also in the presence when the couple took their civil partnership vows. Despite their civil partnership relationship, Ryan and Kootstra didn’t recognize being a husband and wife until 2020 on social media.

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Whatsoever, one thing is certain that Katherine is more than happy to have found the love of her life in Bobby Kootstra. But, things haven’t always been sunshine for these two. Find out more amusing facts about your favorite couple below.

Katherine Ryan Suffered A Miscarriage

In May 2020, Katherine Ryan came forward to share the heartbreaking news that she lost her child from a miscarriage in an interview with Laura Whitmore. Ryan shared how embarrassed she felt for being excited before the tragedy happened.

Katherine Ryan and daughter Violet.
Source: Pinterest

Thankfully, with the immense support of her partner, Bobby Kootstra, it was easier for the comedian to let go of the pain sooner. On the other hand, did you guys know that Katherine and Bobby were once teenagers in love?

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Both Ryan and Kootstra were high school sweethearts who won prom king and queen titles. But, the young pair broke up, only to be untied nearly two decades later in 2018. Things got pretty serious again. Likewise, the rest is history.

Quick Facts Of Katherine Ryan

  • Ryan’s father is a businessman, owner of an engineering company whilst her mother owns an IT company.
  • Ryan’s father is an immigrant of Ireland.
  • Grew up with two younger sisters.
  • Ryan graduated from the Northern Collegiate Institute & Vocational School and the University of Toronto.
  • Worked as a waitress on Hooters but was fired.
  • Underwent breast augmentation surgery.
  • Katherine has suffered skin cancer.
  • Moved to the Uk to settle forever in 2007.

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