Most people fall in love after perfectly knowing each other, and then decide to get engaged or married. It is rare to see that people fall in love after getting married. Yes, today we are going to discuss such kind of married life of actress  Archie Panjabi, who becomes a great example of love after getting married. Her fans are always curious about her personal life as well as career life.

Let’s know her married life and details regarding her Husband. Also get to know about her career and upcoming series.

Archie Panjabi has a perfect Married life! Meet her Husband.

Having an arranged marriage is such a rare culture in today’s date. But all person has not the same point of view. Likewise, famous “Good Wife” actress became a good wife in real life as well.

In 1998, she got hitched to Rajesh Nihalani at the age of 26; her husband is a bespoke tailor in London’s famous Savile Row. She had an arranged marriage. Archie thought there is a huge misconception about this arranged marriage. But after she got married to her husband all her doubts regarding an arrange marriage was cleared, as she got one loving and caring husband.

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Talking about her married life, in an interview she shared her thoughts on, where she said;

Yes, it can mean that you meet someone and then have to marry them, but this was my mother saying, “I’m going to introduce you to so-and-so – If you don’t like them, fair enough. At the time it brought out my rebellious streak because I thought her taste in men was not going to be like mine. But at the end of the day, she knows me better than anybody

It seems like the couple understood each other and established an excellent bond with full of love and understanding. The details regarding her husband are under a warp, and the actress herself has not shared many things of her personal life.

In the interview with India Times, she said that she loves her husband’s honesty.

He’s my best friend and he’s very honest. He’s always been very supportive. You can have all the agents and publicists in the world but no one’s ever going to give you 110 per cent like someone who loves you,” she had said in a previous interview.

Her journey from Real Name to Archie Panjabi! Know her career 

One of the unique, sophisticated and beautifully drawn characters on TV ever, Archie. She is an EMMY Award winner of the provocative KALINDA SHARMA on CBS’s hit show The Good Wife. She belongs to an original Indian family. Although she has come from a different society and culture, she made her self as a successful actress in Hollywood. Her original name is Archana Panjabi. She has not such an easy journey in an entertainment field. She said that

Since I was a baby my goal was to be on TV because the film was just impossible – you never got any Asian women in Western cinema.I grew up wanting to be in East-Enders because the film wasn’t even a dream.The community were very much like, How can you want to act? It’s such a low-class profession.

she also recall that

I started out at such a young age in this industry,It was tough. I faced a lot of rejection. From the age of 13, I didn’t really get a big break until I was 26 in East Is East, where I learned such a lot about the business. It’s feast or famine. It all comes to you in one go or you just don’t work

But her mother is always supportive of her and always encouraged to do what she wants. From her mother supported she entered a film industry in 1995, a short movie called Bideshi.

Her big break was in 1999 with big film EAST IS EAST. She appears in both Television and Film, she made significant profile herself from Bend It Like Beckham, in 2005. She also appeared in many BBC drama series.

In 2009, she played a role as Kalinda Sharma on hit drama series The good wife; which became a mile stone for her a career. From 2010 to 2012, she was busy with Many BBC drama series. At 2015, she decided to leave The Good Wife and moved to FOX comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

ITV’s Head, Polly Hill state that,

We’re delighted that Archie Panjabi and Jack Davenport have joined the cast of this exciting new drama to bring Paul and Natasha’s compelling characters to life. Telling an incredibly important and pertinent story for our time, Next of Kin promises to grip audiences and explores one mother’s very human dilemma to protect her loved ones

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Archie on ‘The Good Wife’ as Kalinda Sharma!

To get a huge success in Hollywood having an Asian face is not an easy work. Archie Panjabi did an excellent job in Hollywood. For her success, she always gives this credit to her mother. In an interview, she mentions that,

My mum says that even though acting wasn’t in the family, from the day I was born she just knew I’d become an actress.

In 2009, she got the chance to appear on The popular drama series The Good Wife. From that show, she was awarded for the best supportive role on Emmy Awards. That is a tremendous achievement of her life. On the successful career of her daughter, her mother said ;

I’m so very proud. She phoned me this morning to let me know she had won. I am so happy for her. When she was nominated she never really expected to win really. It was one of her dreams to win an Emmy and I am so proud that she has achieved this

Caption: Archie gets Ammy award for the role of best Supportive actress from The Good Wife

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Is Archie leave ‘The Good Wife’? Know her New Show

There are rumors that she is leaving the CBC show ‘The Good Wife.’ After leaving the show, she will be seen as a new cast member of season 2 of NBC show Blindspot. Whenever she leaves the previous show, she said that she is very attached to the role of Kalinda, that was a great achievement of her career on Tv industry. On Blindspot, she plays a head of a secret division of NSA. Blindspot is a famous drama series, in season 1 it completes 22 episodes.

When she left the show, she said that she is very attached to the role of Kalinda, and that was a great achievement of her career on Tv industry. On Blindspot, she plays a head of a secret division of NSA. Blindspot is a famous drama series, in season 1 it completes 22 episodes.

Archie Panjabi: Short Bio along with Her Net Worth

The Good Wife actress Archie Panjabi was born on May 31, 1972. She was conceived as Archana Punjabi in London to father Govind and mother Padma Punjabi. She finished her graduation from Brunel University, in 1996.

At an early age, she started her acting profession. She has shown up on both Tv and film. In 1999, her first huge break was parody dramatization arrangement East is East. She additionally adulated and acknowledged for her diligent work and commitment in this field. For Outstanding helping Actress in a Drama Series, ravishing Panjabi granted with Primetime Emmy Award

Panjabi has an enchanting appearance with shocking personality. This forty two-year-old Panjabi actress is 5 feet 3 inches tall having 34-26-30 as her body measurements. She looks more hot and surprising in swimming outfit. 

Archie Panjabi is paid an enormous salary for her work and earned a luxurious life style. According to sources, her estimated Net Worth is 3 million.