Many of you have heard “Vogue” magazine which is known as a best-selling magazine, but the lady behind the success of “Vogue” is mysterious and at at the same time notorious in her own way. Longtime editor-in-chief in Vogue magazine and demeanor which earn her the nickname “Nuclear Wintour,” no one knows the in and out of Fashion week better than Anna Wintour.

With her intimidating and demanding boss, Anna Wintour is also the most powerful women in media line. Anna Wintour is recognized from TV series “The Fashion Fund” and movie “Manolo: The Boy Who Made shoe for Lizards.”

Besides of Anna Wintour profession, how is Anna doing in her personal life? Is Anna Wintour engaged; who is she married? Is Anna dating; who is her boyfriend? Let’s find out with Anna Wintour wiki including her age and net worth as of 2017.

Anna Wintour dating; who is Anna Boyfriend?

Love is blind, and love doesn’t see the age, and this quote surely resembles Anna Wintour. Turning to the age of 68, Anna is still dating someone special. But who is Anna boyfriend? Let know about it

Anna Wintour is a talented and repudiated woman in fashion and media industry. From 1999, she has been dating with her boyfriend Shelby Bryan, an investor and entrepreneur. How did they meet?

Before Anna Wintour and boyfriend Shelby Bryan bond in love, the pair first met each other at socialite Anna Bass’s table in in November 1997. And soon, they were genuinely close, with many rumors of editor-in-chief and head of half-billion dollar ICG communication.

The pair revealed their affair to the public. With less information about their relationship, the couple is seen together in many events and are enjoying both companies.

Caption: Picture shared on Instagram by Anna Wintour with her boyfriend surely define how much happy they are together.

As love surrounds the world, we wish both pair long life relation.

Anna Wintour married; who is Anna Wintour Husband?

Beside her dating life, was Anna Wintour engaged before? If yes, did her married life got ruined by an affair? Who was Anna Wintour husband? Let’s find out.

Anna Wintour editor-in-chief in Vogue Magazine was married. Who was she married too? She was engaged with David Shaffer, professor and tied their knot in 1984. The pair love life was going well and gave birth to two children; Charles in 1985 and Katherine known as bee in 1987.

Image result for David Shaffer

Caption: Anna Wintour with husband David Shaffer at an event together.

Photo Credit: New York Observer

Anna Wintour married life with husband David Shaffer didn’t last long as they led their relationship to end up in a divorce. Anna Wintour and David Shaffer got a divorce in 1999. What was the reason for Divorce? The newspapers and Gossip Columnists claimed Anna had an affair with Shelby Bryan which lead the husband and wife to get divorced and move on.

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Anna Wintour Wiki-Bio

Born in 1949 in Hampstead, London, Anna Wintour celebrates her birthday on 3rd November. According to Anna Wintour wiki, she is at the age of 68 and is British American and daughter of Charles Wintour who is editor of the Evening Standard and Eleanor “Nonie” Trego Baker. Anna was named after her maternal grandmother, Anna Baker (née Gilkyson). Anna Wintour has four siblings, Gerald, Patrick, James, and Nora but unfortunately, Gerald died in a traffic accident early age.

anna winters young

Caption: Young and Stylist Anna Wintour notorious editor in chief of Vogue magazine

Photo Credit: Business Insider

As in media industry, Anna Wintour is a busy person and less active in social media. She has more than nine thousand more followers on Instagram. Anna Wintour, the legendary editor of Vogue magazine, has done movie Mademoiselle and The Last Impresario in 2013. She also came in TV series The Fashion Fund season 2 with the opportunity to ten designers to get a chance to work along in fashion industry.

She even did The First Monday in May which was rated 7.2 by IMDb in 2016. Later on, Anna Wintour came in “The Gospel According to Andre” and “Manolo: The boy Who Made Shoe for Lizards” in 2017.

Anna Wintour Net Worth

As a professional editor and journalist, Anna Wintour has entirely earned a lot of fame and know for the notorious editor of Vogue magazine. With her popularity, Anna has a net worth estimated at around 35 million dollars with an annual salary of 2 million dollars.