In Czechoslovakia, there are probably none who do not know or hear of the actress Anna Polivkova. Being born to a family of celebrities, she followed the footsteps of her parents and got into the showbiz.

Anna became a household name after years of countless appearances and not because of her family background, but because of her work that never knew compromises. We might know about her on-screen life, but how about her life behind the screen? Has she married? Who is her husband? Let’s find out.

Who is Anna Polívkova?

Anna Polivkova is a Czechoslovakian actress know for her success in the movies industry. She is the best known for role in the movie Return of the Idiot. She also featured in many movies like Bolero, Restart, and I Wake Up Yesterday to name a few.

Anna Polívkova is famous for her woks in Bolero
Anna Polívkova is known for her works in Bolero.

Anna Polivkova is a Czech actress born on March 24, 1979, in Prague, Czech. She is the daughter of a Czech actor, Bolek Polivka and actress Evelyna Stepanova another successor of the famous acting family Steimar.

Who is Anna Polívkova’s Husband? Her Personal Life

Taking about Anna Polivkova’s personal life, she is a married woman. Anna walked down the aisle with her lover Michal Kurtiš who was her partner on the Czech Television dance competition, StarDance.

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The Czech actress is not very open to the public when it comes to her private life so she doesn’t share much about her relationship with her husband Michal Kurtis. In fact, she has also kept the information on when they first met and how long they dated before tieing the knot to themselves.

Anna Polivkova is married to Michal Kurtis
The Czech actress is married to Michal Kurtis. Source: whosdatedwho.

The duo does not share any children together yet maybe they are focused on their career rather than on family for now.

What is Anna Polívkova’s Net Worth?

Anna Polivkova enjoys the net worth of $4 million as of 2019. Anna generated her fame from her professional career as an actress. The average salary of an actor is $12.05 per hour and $25,000 per year. She maintains her assets from her long-list of movie appearances.

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The 40 years old actress has appeared in the movies Po čem muži touží that collected around $3.2 million in the box office in her country Czech alongside Tatiana Pauhofova, Jiri Langmajer and more.

The 5 feet 9 inches actress also has appeared in numerous movies like The Spooks, I Wake Up Yesterday, the Blue Tiger and Spindle, and more. Furthermore, she also appeared in TV series, Head Over Heels, The Life and Time of Judge A.K. and list go on.

YouTube: Anna Polivkova featured movie Trailer.

I Wake Up Yesterday actress Anna is currently working on Closer to the Stars as Helena Svobodova in her home country Czech in 2019.

Body Measurements of Anna Polívkova

You might have made some guesses regarding the measurement of Anna Polivkova. Well, she stands 5 feet 9 inches tall in height while her age is 40. Regarding her looks, Anna has a pair of bluish green eyes and blonde hair.

Quick Facts Of Anna Polívkova

When and where was Anna Polívkova born?

24 March 1997, Prague

How old is Anna Polívkova?

40 years old

Who are the parents of Anna Polívkova?

Michal Kurtiš

What is the nationality of Anna Polívkova?


What was the height of Anna Polívkova?

5 feet 9 inches

What is Anna Polívkova’s debut movie?

Return of the Idiot