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The term opposite attracts does not only rule the existence of magnets but also to us human beings. It is taken to be a phenomenal existence on people’s mind. Similar things have been seen with many celebrities including “Hollyoaks” actress Anna Passey.

Anna is dating her opposite in TV series along with in her real life. We shall cover the snoop over Anna Passey dating life and also the truth behind opposite attraction phenomenon.

Opposite Side Attracts: Anna Passey Dating Life

Although the duo is portrayed in different behavior in their onscreen life in Hollyoaks, Nick Rhys and Anna Passey are gaining enough attention in media and tabloids since July 2016. That time was the time when their love life officially started.

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In this series, Anna’s role is Sienna Blake who is portrayed to be an unlucky girl who always fails in her love life while Nick’s role is Lockie Campbell who is portrayed to be the person with a disturbed personality. Once in an interview, she disclosed the real instinct of Sienna who tried her luck in love life and how she failed.

Looking forward to home and some Miller Time @mrnickrhys

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However, being co-workers does not mean to be sharing the screen together. The duo met for the first time while working for the series, but both stars, Nick and Anna never had performed scenes together.

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In an interview with Lifestyle, 24th November 2016, Anna was asked about her feelings and emotions working together with her boyfriend in onscreen life. Here is the statement of her as an answer:

‘Although we never shared same screen till date, it feels much comfortable working in same series under same roof. Nick though manages time to keep me up to date about what happened today every night when I return home.’


In media, Anna disclosed about her on and off-screen relationship quite a long time ago but never revealed all information accurately at once. Also, she never revealed her first and counter meetings with Nick.

Are Nick and Anna Passey Getting Married?

Nick finished his part of the shoot in the year 2015, but he never leaped forward officially in his dating life. We also were not able to identify changes in their love life.

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The couple seems to be enjoying their dating life till date and is also enjoying their living-in relationship. In an interview with Lifestyle, Anna further described her daily life and daily chores.

She also mentioned how much she misses Nick and want to go back to their live-in relationship with him.

‘I finish my daily filming schedule and I go for yoga. Then only I get time to go back to my partner. I think I am not so awful for him, but I think I need to manage time even further to be with him.’

Anna never said a word about getting married to Nick, still, she is with her man. In her Instagram account, she uploaded a picture in which there was Nick and Anna’s dog. This pic was uploaded in 27th November 2016.

Sunday morning hangs with Rupert… @danjaymzperry @mrnickrhys @thelordrupert

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Although the duo is currently living in a single house, there are no split rumors about them and also there is no news about domestic violence. It might only be if they are living happily and enjoying their love life together. Their marriage life will soon begin, as soon as possible; and we also hope they do!

Anna Passey Body Measurement

  • Height = Anna Passey stands at the height of 1.74m or 5 feet 9 inches.
  • Weight = She weighs around 56 kg.
  • Shoe Size = Her shoe size is 8 US.
  • Age = As of now, her age is 34.