She can overcome any angel that’s beyond the limit. We are talking about Anna McNulty, a dancer, and contortionist who possessed the social media fame from her uncanny and entertaining flexibility. Hence, she can beat any hassled angle; we would be worrying for. Anna McNulty’s acrobatic flexibility is always talk of the tinsel in every corner of social media popularity either Instagram post or self-titled YouTube channel. It has triggered the drive to know more about Anna McNulty wiki.

Get to know everything about Anna McNulty boyfriend, social media fame, the career in dancing and contortionist, net worth, parents, ethnicity, nationality, bio, and wiki. Hence, stay tuned with us, we’ll be exploring Anna McNulty wiki.

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Anna McNulty Boyfriend; An Insight of Her Dating Affair

The teen beau who can hold onto unnatural position is surely the center of attraction. No wonder, it could have captivated many young hearts out there. When she tip-toes and bends one of her legs at an obtuse angle, most of us would strike backward and frame the surprising ‘o’ expression. That’s kind of the potential she is.

Caption; Anna McNulty in one of her unnatural pose

Talking about the past or present, Anna McNulty has been maintaining confidentiality in relationship affairs. Soon, we may be covering future talks of her affairs, boyfriends, dating stories and wedding details along the succession of online platform source.

Anna McNulty is focusing on her career rather than committing to a relationship. She is more about bending beyond the angles we have ever calculated. Hence, she may probably fall in the relationship tatters, when she feels right about it besides testing flexibility limit.

Anna McNulty Net worth

The cheerleader, dancer and YouTuber personality Anna McNulty has accumulated numbers of fan from her contortionist skills. Her videos have shared millions of platforms accrued by tutorials on gaining flexibility training. But what about Anna McNulty net worth.

Caption: Anna McNulty tutorial on dance steps of her own

Regarding Anna McNulty net worth, the success led her account on record for thousands of dollars. And it’s only the beginning. Anna McNulty acrobatic skills and dancing traits could exemplify new opportunities. Thus, Anna McNulty net worth may project hefty figures shortly.

Anna McNulty YouTube Channel and Dancing Skills

At the age of ten, she began cheerleading the sports team. There, she discovered how flexible she is. So, she concluded her unnatural bending pictures on an online platform. Relentlessly, she accumulated massive fan base and doubtful reaction whether she has a bone or not.

Caption: Anna McNulty is the flyer in her cheerleading group

On February 2016, Anna McNulty came up with self-titled video, which was uploaded on Instagram earlier. On both of the sites, it gathered positive reception and the sizeable number of likes. ‘How to do a Back Walkover,’ ‘How to do an Aerial,’ ‘Penché Tutorial,’ ‘How to do a Back Handspring, ‘How to do a Scorpion’ and ‘270 Degree Needle’ tutorial videos pooled out the number of viewers in the certain period.

Encompassing 412K subscribers on Instagram and 462K subscribers in YouTube channel, numerous fans wait for her new post and videos. Some of them have managed to follow the tutorials on achieving flexibility zones.

Anna McNulty Wiki-Bio; Age, Parents, Siblings, and Facts

She was born on April 26, 2002, in Saint John, Canada. Currently, Anna McNulty age is sixteen years old. On the question and answer segment, she confronted that she loves spending time with family and friends. Sadly, Anna has not unveiled the details regarding her parents. However, it is a known fact that Anna grew up with the sister named Grace.

Caption: Anna McNulty on Question and Answer segment, diving into the queries of the fans

On opening about the natural flexibility tenacity, Anna McNulty has to say.;

“My flexibility is not completely natural. Like Most of the people I had to work hard to achieve it.  When I first started here around five to six years ago, I was a bit more flexible than the average person who did not stretch very much. But I could not do all three with my splits or scorpion and after stretching to achieve these things it did come pretty easily to me”

Standing at the height of 4’ 9” and weighing 42 kg, Anna dream destination is Australia. After watching Australian YouTubers on screen, she has a dream to explore what Australia has stored for her.