Jennifer Lawrence, who is the heart of millions of boys, recently made all her fans shocked. Well it was not in the movie, but from the news; rather we say a rumor having an affair with Chris Pratt. Most of us’ mind freeze because of these alleged highlights in tabloids, but later both of them finely denied. As of Jennifer’s choice, she has chosen to be single for now; while Chris is already tied with Anna Faris.

Faris feels insecurity because of this faked news fueling the tabloids about love between her husband Chris and Jennifer though. Well, is it true or not, we will cover it in this article!

Chris Pratt’s Wife Anna Faris Feels Insecure

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence were busy in shooting for their upcoming movie ‘Passengers’ when the spark of their love life came out for the first time. According to some source, the duo was pretty together most of the times, which helped in the birth of affair rumor.

This news was no new for Chris and Jenny, while it seriously hit his wife Faris. In fact, the news seriously affected her. Faris herself admitted about her insecurity.

Jennifer Lawrence and Chriss Pratt
Jennifer Lawrence and Chriss Pratt

She made one statement:

‘I know this news is not true, but I am human too; and still, I feel too bad of having my husband being involved in such affair rumour.’

As indicated in News Every Day, Anna felt vulnerable when she heard this news for the first time. When the news spread, she wanted it to go off as it was hurting her heart.

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Although this rumor spread all over internet and media, it finally turned off when Jennifer herself denied the news. Moreover, she also started being jealous of this wonderful loving couple.

[updated] Chriss Pratt tied the knot on 9 July 2009. As a matter of fact, we can no longer call them a couple. It is because Chris and Anna already finalized their divorce on 16 October 2018. Previously, they announced their separation on 6 August 2017. 

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt’s Dating History

Jennifer, till now has been linked alleged with countless celebrities but we did not find anyone in a serious relationship. In an interview with Vogue, she once claimed herself to be a lonely girl who spends Saturday nights either with some friends or in her apartment. Further, she also exclaimed about no guys asking her out.

Although it is shocking to know about being no one to be with her every Saturday, we know that she once secretly dated Nicholas Hoult and Chris Martin. As of 2016, she allegedly linked up with Darren Aronofsky.

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Going to the dating history of Chris Pratt, he dated only two girls in his lifetime. In the year 2004, Chris was linked with Emily VanCamp. The couple was together for two years and then split in the year 2006. The next girl he ever met was his current wife Anna Faris. The duo met in the year 2007 and dated for two years. Then the pair tied the knot in the year 2009.

[Updated] Anna Faris and Chris Pratchett are no longer a couple.