An anonymous person once said: “life is like a basketball, the more forcefully you hit it on the ground the higher it rises.” In fact, this quotation best defines a young American singer and America’s Got Talent Season 12 runner-up, Angelica Hale.

The angelic Angelica Hale suffered from sepsis disease and also underwent a kidney transplant which her mother donated her. When it comes to inspiring people of all walks of life around the globe, Hale’s life is second to none.

Believe It or Not, 11-Years-Old Angelica Hale Has $200 Thousand Net Worth

It is right, the 11 years old singer of Filipino descent, Angelica Hale has a net worth of $200 thousand. How did she manage to collect such a substantial amount of net worth?

Well, the primary source of Hale’s income is her concerts and albums. In an AGT meet-up interview, she said that she has been traveling around the world, giving her performances. The AGT tournament proved fruitful for her as she got widespread exposure in spite of ending up in the second position.

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She is all set to release her debut album in 2019. So far, we have been doing covers of other songs but we are not far from listening to her own songs.

As a matter of fact, she is not just a singer but also an actress and a voice-over artist. So, in which movies can we see her?

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Hale is debuting as Anna in the upcoming movie American Reject (2019). The film is in its post-production which will probably release later this year. Likewise, she also gave her voice to an animated series, Maya Unstoppable. 

Observing her career so far, it is unquestionable that she has a bright future ahead.

Angelica Hale Relationship

Talking about the dating affairs of Angelica Hale is too early for now but what about her relationship with her family? Honestly, the kind of bonding she shares with her parents and her little sibling is really praiseworthy. As she is still a child, she is used to following the guidance of her parents.

Angelica Hale with her parents, younger sister and former First Lady Michelle Obama. 

Photo Credit: Heightline 

The fact that she is a kidney transplant and sepsis survivor also proves that Angelica is no less than a piece of her parents’ hearts. Actually, her parents are the users of Angelica’s Instagram where they keep posting family photos very often.

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Though a boyfriend is a far cry for Angelica, for now, we can wish her all the luck for her future relationships.

Angelica Hale: Quick Facts

When and where was Angelica Hale born?

31 July 2007, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States

How old is Angelica Hale?

11 years old

What are the names of Angelica Hale’s parents?

Eva Hale and James Hale

What is the genre of Angelica Hale?


How tall is Angelica Hale?

4 feet 6 inches

How much does Angelica Hale weigh?

35 kg.

What is the zodiac of Angelica Hale?


What is the nationality of Angelica Hale?


What is Angelica Hale ethnicity?

Filipino descent