If you’re among those who love Hollywood romance and breakup stories, then you must certainly have heard of Andy Bohn, an American born film producer and Neptune Territory Manager’s breakup with his partner.

Most of his life is still far from the prying eyes of the media but, Andy makes several screen appearances for his romantic affairs. Well, if you wanna know more about his love life, check out the full article.

Andy Bohn’s Dating Life

Andy Bohn is a secretive person but his love life couldn’t be more open! He is a divorced man, married to Andrea Bohn previously. But, he ended his marital journey with her in January 2019 and started his affair with Alexis Bellino.

Andy Bohn is dating Alexis Bellino

Andy Bohn is dating Alexis Bellino
Image Source: OK! Magazine

In a recent interview with the US magazine, Andrea’s crisis manager spoke on behalf of his client. He said that it was a little inappropriate to display relationship on Instagram, such acts could hamper the children. He also revealed that relation between Andy and Andrea was challenging and special and their marriage was beyond reconciliation with Ms. Bellino’s Instagram post on Super Bowl.

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Alexis Bellino is a popular American actress who features in series General Hospital, People Tv, and David Tutera’s Celebrations. She is also the previous wife of Jim Bellino.

The Unexplainable Romantic Couple Andy and Alexis

The duo flashed their relationship on February 3 during the Super Bowl. Alexis posted a picture with Andy on her Instagram and quoted the post, “Love of her life”. Since then, the love of the couple is boundless.

Ain't they lovely?

Ain’t they lovely?
Image Source: News Break

Andy’s girlfriend Alexis told her friend Emily Simpson she hasn’t had an argument with Andy and all her friends who met him mentioned they haven’t seen such a lovely pair.

Alexis was in a very difficult situation before she met Andy. She was dealing with her divorce. Alexis even told Andy she can’t have intimate relationships. But they diverted that path and now they want another baby and want to walk down the aisle together.

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From Alexis’ previous marriage, Bellino bore a boy and two girls. Her son’s name is James and he is twelve years old whereas her twin daughters are Melania and Mackenna who both are eleven years old. Alex and her previous husband Jim agreed to take 50/50 custody of their children.

Alexis with her Kids

Alexis with her Kids
Image Source: Bravo TV

Andy loves Alexis kids as much as he embraces her. He occasionally hangouts with the kids. And from the picture, they are having a wonderful time.

Net Worth

Well the public are not only curious about his relationship status but they are also making an interest to know about Andy Bohn’s net worth. So concerning about it, we are going to give some information about his net worth, salary, earnings, and many more.

Andy Bohn enjoys a net worth of $1.5 million

Andy Bohn enjoys a net worth of $1.5 million
Image Source: Pinterest

Andy served Hollywood as an executive producer. Till now, he produced two movies and they are Don’t Think Twice and I Do… Until I Don’t. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of an executive producer is $134,441 per year.

The film Don’t Think Twice was released in the USA in 2016 which made $4,417,667 at the box office. Not only that, the movie is awarded seven nominations. The film I Do… Until I Don’t succeed in collecting $170,775 in the opening weekend in the USA. The box office collection of the movie was $280,668. We believe it has helped to increase some digits in Andy Bohn’s net worth.

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Yes, the famous producer Andy Bohn is also a manager of Neptune Tech Group. In 2019, Andy helped the Indio Water Authority. As a manager, Bohn’s earning is quite good. The monthly salary of the Neptune Territory Manager is around $81,518. The talented Andy Bohn holds a net worth of $1.5 million.

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