Andreea Cristina is a famous American Model and Social Media Personality. She is best known as a Founder of NIPSANDTIPS. Andreea Cristina also has a degree in finance and went on to work in Private Banking for a couple of years. Andreea Cristina is also famous on Instagram, having impressive fan followers. She was profiled as their Lovely Lady of the Day in May 2016 by Sports Illustrated.

With gaining popularity from very young age, Andreea Cristina is also a blogger and has the impressive amount of subscribers. Besides her career, who is Andreea Cristina in real life? Is Andreea Cristina dating; who is Andreea Cristina boyfriend?

Let’s learn the details along with brief information on Andreea Cristina wiki – bio, age, and her net worth:

Who is Andreea Cristina? Interesting Facts On Andreea Cristina Wiki with bio, age, tattoo!

Born in the year 1987 in Bucharest, Romania Andreea Cristina is an American Model and Social Media Personality. According to Andreea Cristina wiki, she was able to establish herself as an entrepreneur.

Andreea Cristina celebrates her birthday on 7th of June. With the recent birthday celebration, Andreea Cristina is at the age of 30, and her birth name is Andreea Cristina. Cristina ethnicity is white, and her nationality is American.

Andreea was born in Cristina’s family but hasn’t revealed any information regarding her parent. But Andreea Cristina was brought and raised by her parent in Las Vegas, Nevada. Andreea got her education from her hometown and went Bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. She loves petting cats and has two cats making them as her family. We will soon have updated parent’s information as soon as Cristina reveals it.

According to Andreea Cristina wiki, she has the body height of 5 feet 5 inch. In meters, Cristina has the body height of 1.65m. Andreea Cristina has the body weight of 55 kg. In pound, Andreea Cristina has the body weight of 121.3 pounds.

Talking about the facts of Andreea Cristina, She told.

 I don’t think you all know that I’m double-jointed. It’s creepy my hand I could have still on the table, and it can completely rotate. Guys think its cool and girls think its disgusting.

Andreea Cristina Career

Andreea Cristina started working in private banking job in finance in Los Angeles. She later got disinterested, took up cooking as a passion and attend a culinary school. During her love for cooking, Cristina started her career as a social media star. With her attractive face structure, impressive body helps her gain lots of fame and started blogging and sharing a picture on Instagram.

Andreea Cristina is slowly gaining the fame, started her on websites as NipsAndTips and managed to have more than 1.3 million followers on her Instagram.

Cristina’s website “NipsAndTips” help her viewers to known everyday life hacks and advises tips and tricks on the relationship, fashion, and food.

Is Andreea Cristina dating? Who is Andreea Cristina Boyfriend?

Andreea Cristina is a gorgeous and talented person in the social media. As glazing popularity, her fan’s always speculated her dating life as well. But is Andreea Cristina dating with her boyfriend? Who is her boyfriend that she is hanging out with? Let’s find out.

Talking about her dating status, Andreea Cristina isn’t single. She is dating a handsome guy and a football player, Brayan Gaul. Andreea Cristina hasn’t revealed much information regarding dating with her boyfriend Brayan Gaul. However, with some sources, they have been together for more than a year.


Before dating with her boyfriend Brayan Gaul, She was in relation with another guy. Yes, beautiful and attractive girl Andreea was in a relationship with the Instagram king and playboy Dan Bilzerian.

The couple was seen on social networking sites having fun together in vacations. The pairs didn’t take their relationship to tieing a knot and only after dating for a year Andreea Cristina and her boyfriend Dan Bilzerian ended there relationship.

Caption: Andreea Cristina with her ex-boyfriend Dan Bilzerian.

Is Andreea Cristina married? Who is Andreea Cristina Husband?

Beside marriage life, the question emerges is Andreea Cristina engaged with a fiance? What is Andreea Cristina Fiance name? Is she married; who is Andreea Cristina husband? Let’s known the truth

According to her engagement news, Andreea Cristina has engaged with a fiance. Yes’ that’s right! She has been engaged with her handsome, footballer player boyfriend, Brayan Gaul. The news of her getting married came to the public; when Andreea Cristina shared a picture of her and her fiance Brayan wishing their happy anniversary.


There isn’t any information about where did they had their engagement. But, with a ring on the ring finger of Andreea Cristina undoubtedly prove that she is getting married to her fiancé/ husband Brayan Gaul.


Beside her pregnancy rumors, there isn’t any report of Andreea Cristina getting pregnant and having children. Maybe she is planning to get pregnant with her fiancé Brayan Gaul after their marriage.

Andreea Cristina net worth And Salary

As an American blogger and an entrepreneur, Is Andreea Cristina able to collect impressed net worth? As of 2017 – 2018, Andreea Cristina net worth is estimated at 300 thousand dollars. However, Andreea has not revealed about her current salary.

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