When you get caught up in the impact zone while surfing, you never know what’s over the next wave. Surfing excites you at the great level as well as gives surprises and freak you out. Gorgeous actress “Anastasia Ashley” is one of such celebrity whose life has given her a bizarre moment and yet has ring wedding bells.

A professional surfer and an occasional model “Anastasia Ashley” is one of the sexiest surfers alive. She is among those celebrities who prefer to keep their private life under the wraps. Today, we are going to dig in her personal information and find out whether she is dating her boyfriend or is still single.

Anastasia’s relationship status: Single, Engaged or Married!

Professional surfer “Anastasia Ashley” rarely has her critics. She is not fond of revealing her personal life information to the media and rarely attends any events. Her relationship status is also out of the spotlight. But, in the past, she did have a handsome boyfriend to whom she dated for quite some time.

Anastasia Ashley

Caption: Anastasia Ashley and her boyfriend Adam Taki arrives at the 3rd Annual GM All-Car Showdown, Hollywood, California, 11 July 2006.

Photo credit: depositphotos.com

Anastasia,30, was dating her boyfriend, Adam Taki, who is an American Business Professional and is known for Son of Food Industry Tycoon Ghazi Taki. They had their relationship from 2006, but the couple bond didn’t last so long and ended in the same year.

The duo was spotted together many times, but none of them revealed their love affair. How they met each other and fell in love and the reasons behind the breakup is still unknown.

Everyone tries to forget their past and move on forward. Likewise, Anastasia ignored her ex-boyfriend and later began dating with Sean Stewart. The friends of Sean set him to the dapper Anastasia. She was in her bikini during the beach date, and it is where Sean admired her booty. Somewhat, Anastasia got attracted to him, and they even kissed in the car park.

Anastasia Ashley

Caption: Anastasia Ashley and her boyfriend Sean Stewart kiss each other.

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What happened to the relationship with Sean is a mystery as well. Further disclosure regarding him never happened. Anastasia is still dating Sean, or he has his place in the list of Anastasia’s ex-boyfriend, no one knows. She hasn’t revealed any information about her present love life yet.

She has posted a few tweets where she talked about her ex-boyfriend in the Twitter account but never disclosed his names. She tries her best to keep her partner away from the limelight.

Caption: Anastasia Ashley shouts her ex-boyfriend, 18 May 2014.

Anastasia Sported Kissing, Is the guy her boyfriend?

Lately, in 2017 Anastasia is in the news all over again as she is spotted kissing a guy in her Instagram. The guy who goes by the name of Abraham is all over her Instagram.

Ciao bella

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Likewise when we stalked her boyfriend Abraham Instagram he also has many posts of Anastasia. It is clear that Abraham is her boyfriend though the couple has not revealed it to the media.

All the posts the couple has made on their Instagram, it is very clear that they are in a relationship. We wish Anastasia lucks with her new boyfriend.

Attacked by Sand flies in the jungle:

Not every day is a perfect day for Anastasia. On 2012, while she went out to the forest in the middle of nowhere in Belize with You Tube star Cory Williams for the Discovery’s show “Naked and Afraid.” They were to stay there for 14 days, but on the sixth day, Anastasia endured bites from thousands of sand flies for 12 hours. She had redness and itchy bumps head to toe leading her to seek medical help. The bites of sand flies could be fatal, but Anastasia was all okay later. However, she left eight days early from the jungle.

Caption: Anastasia Ashley gets bitten by sand flies all over the body.

About the incident in an interview with Entertainment Weekly;, she said;

Being attacked from a swarm of freshly hatched bugs that decided I was their host while naked in the jungle, with nowhere to hide is really the worst experiences of my life.

She also added:

It was pure torture. We wanted to jump in the fire to try to end the itching. Luckily we didn’t.

She never expected such a moment would occur in her life, but it is one of the greatest experience for her. She was excited for the journey in the jungle, and she also mentioned she would be participating in the trip through social media posts: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Anastasia’s Short Bio:

Anastasia Ashley took her first breath on February 10, 1987, in  San Clemente, California, United States.

According to the Wiki, Anastasia started her career at the age of six when she won a surf contest with a run-down board. She also received the Triple Crown Rookie of the Year award in 2003. She also won her first major national title at the age of 16.

Anastasia Ashley was featured in the October 2014 issue of Maxim Magazine. She is also the winner of several titles including National Scholastic Surfing Association championships and the Professional Surfing Tour of America championship.

She has an overwhelming career in surfing, also works as a model, a host, a creative director, and a content producer. As per 2017, she has a net worth of $3 million.