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Finally Found Partner: Amy Yasbeck’s Affair with Michael Plonsker after Husband John Ritter Passed Away

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The renowned all over the US, Amy Yasbeck affair started with Michael Plonsker after her husband passed away. Living in LA, she chose a lawyer who is listed as best among all other in LA. For a celebrity like her, it’s easy to find better person, but why did she chose out profession boy instead of selecting from on-screen partner? It is yet unknown. She was in relationship with John Ritter until he died in 2003. Let’s now dig into her relationship status!

Amy Yasbeck Married Life with Her Passed Husband John Ritter

John Ritter, who passed away in 2003 was well known actor who acted with Amy in several movies together. The ex-couple first met during the shooting of the movie ‘Problem Child.’ It is said that Amy first approached 14 years older John Ritter.

Amy Yasbeck with her ex husband John Ritter and daughter Stella Ritter

Amy and John’s love symbol was born in 1998 September; however they tied knot after a year in September 1999. After 4 years of happily married life, John died because of heart attack and they were officially and naturally separated.

Their love and married life is taken as paradox. Both met for the first time in September. Both’s love symbol was born in September, they tied knot in September and John passed away in September. What a Trivia!

Amy Yasbeck Affair with Michael Plonsker

When Ritter died, Amy was in deep grief. At that time, she met Michael Plonsker. While filing Death Lawsuit, she worked with Michael. The romantic affair between Michael and Amy kindled after she got success in the case.

Amy Yasbeck and Michael Plonsker together at Annual Glsen Picture

According to the close source, it was revealed that their love life started when Michael acted as shoulder for Amy. While grieving for previous husband, Michael used to be with her to support her and encourage her to start a new life. For now, John and Amy’s daughter Stella is taken care off by both Amy and Michael together.

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