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Quick Facts of

  • Born NameAmy Bruni
  • Birth PlaceSacramento, CA
  • Height5 feet 6 inch
  • Zodiac SignCancer
  • NationalityAmerican
  • EthnicityWhite/Native American
  • ProfessionActor and Paranormal Analyst
  • Net Worth$800K
  • Age42 years
  • SiblingNot disclosed
  • ParentsNot disclosed

The paranormal ghost hunter Amy Bruni is an exceptionally bold lady who has followed ghosts since her childhood and now she is not alone in her type. She is already an active member of the paranormal artist’s association and has the para unity expos together with the team nationwide.

Famous for her distinct feature in Ghost Hunters (2004), Kindred Spirits (2016-), and Paranormal Lockdown (2016), Amy Bruni is an ideally loving mother. Amy Bruni daughter’s pictures cover almost more than half of her Instagram posts.

This time we are rather going to delve into Amy Bruni’ personal love life, about her boyfriend, her husband, who she is married to and how many children she has. You will find this article informational also about Amy Bruni’ age, wiki bio, family, and net worth.

Amy Bruni Covers Her Daughter Most: Is Her Husband Missing?

Amy Bruni must be a caring mother and a sensitive human being who never lets her daughter, Charlotte go down because of her busy ghost haunting schedule.

If you are patient enough to view her Instagram or Facebook account, she regularly posts pictures of her daughter and babies. She is also affectionate with her co-workers in her new paranormal show Kindred Spirits.

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Being a mother and looking after your children along with your busy professional life is challenging, but for Amy Bruni, it is also rewarding!

While her Instagram posts are covered with her blissful moments with her daughter, Amy Bruni’ husband and married life have fallen behind the shadow of her love for her daughter. She hardly posts pictures of her husband and most often pics a man calling him an “X-Man” and a “Mr. X”.

Oh look, it’s Mr. X … .


The term “X-Man” indicates Amy Bruni had a husband and had divorced him. But, still, after the divorce, she is found with the “X-Man.” The “X-Man” is Amy Bruni boyfriend, Jimmy. Our curiosity grows why she calls him an “X-Man” and why she also appears with him sometimes.


Why is it that she calls her husband Mr. X? Do you have any clues?

Moreover, some sources claimed that she is not married but is a long term relationship with her boyfriend, Jimmy. Due to her private nature, her relationship status is still unclear.

Amy Bruni’s Married Life And Her Husband: Happy or A Weird Family?

Amy Bruni lives in her home in Boston, Massachusetts raising her five-year-old daughter. Is she single or in a relationship or having a live-in together relationship with her ex-husband is a mystery.

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She has only let us know she is extremely happy with her daughter, 6-year-old Charlotte through her social media photos and posts. Her cute Charlotte appears even on her birthday wish for her “Uncle Benn” Benny Berry. Benny Berry married Adam Berry, Amy Bruni’s co-actor in the Kindred Spirits.


Amy Bruni had last posted on her blog that they have a perfectly happy family. The blog must have come amidst the growing concern on the whereabouts of Charlotte’s daddy, who must be her husband. She tried to reply to those concerns:

Just to bring you up to speed. Charlotte has a Dad. He’s awesome. We’re a super happy, loving family. We do lots of fun things together!

This was what she shared on her blog which is perhaps blocked these days. Her reply is not satisfactory regarding her married life and husband.

Otherwise, there is no need to hesitate the most precious person’s closeness with your followers. She does not also seem like boosting her career by keeping her personal life secret since we see her with her daughter in her daily posts.

Amy Bruni: Playing With Your Child Is the Best Thing For You!

For the ghost hunter paranormal Amy Bruni, dating a boyfriend or traveling with her husband is not the best thing. It is rather playing with her children. She does not say simply in words.

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Her social sites accounts are full of pictures she has spent with her daughter inside and outside her home. One of her Instagram posts captions thus while she holds her sweet daughter in her arms:

In case you were wondering what the best thing ever is.

Almost everything she does revolves around her love for her daughter. Neither her career nor her love life, the thing that only matters is her daughter, Charlotte.

Amy Bruni’s Net Worth

Amy Bruni ranks fifth among the ghost hunters. While the top four surpass Amy Bruni’s net worth with a few thousand ($)dollars, her fifth rank credits her with the net worth of over $800 thousand.

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Not only that, she earns over $200 thousand per year from her career. An average ghost hunter earns around $47k to $59k per year. However, since, Amy Bruni is a top-notched ghost hunter, she earns over $200 thousand a year from her works.

Amy Bruni’s Wiki Bio

Amy Bruni’s life will move you with paths: pity and fear both. Her career in the ghost haunting stories and settings has all to do with her childhood frightful occurrences.

Born on July 10, 1976, in Sacramento, CA Amy is already at her age of 42. She lives with her five-year-old daughter Charlotte in Boston, Massachusetts and hosts the show Kindred Spirits (2016).

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She is also famous for a few other similar paranormal ghost stories like Ghost Hunters (2010-2014), Ghost Hunters Academy (2010), and Paranormal Lockdown (2016).

Cation: What Scares Amy Bruni from Ghost Hunters

Before she established a career in the Ghost Hunters and Kindred Spirits, she had found herself haunted by ghosts.

Amy Bruni’s Social Media

Regarding Amy Bruni’s social media accounts, she is quite active on Instagram, Instagram, and even her Twitter accounts.

On her Facebook, she has over 236,017 likes while on her Twitter, she boasts a total of 197K followers with just over 36.4K tweets.

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Likewise, for Amy Bruni’s Instagram, she has over 76.3k followers with 4,303 posts at the moment. On a full scale, she has received over 32k likes and 911 comments on her posts till now.

If she ever monetized her Instagram profile, she would have earned around $307.5 to $512.5 per post. Even though she has over 76k followers, her Instagram engagement lingers low at just 3.76%.