Rachel Levin Dating Isaac Nakash
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Is American YouTube Star Rachel Levin Dating Someone? Know The Real Reason of Her Breakup With Isaac Nakash!

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Wait, we are not promoting this channel through our webpage, but we are telling you what YouTube star Rachel Levin is busy with. It is her YouTube channel that she started in the year 2010. The first video she uploaded in her vlog was about dark circles. The one which was started six years ago is successful enough to have around 11 million subscribers. Being popular in 11 million and more people surely means some speculation of her personal and love life as well. Once she was rumoured to be hooking up with Isaac Nakash. Is Rachel Levin dating Issac or not? We will cover all that here!

Is Rachel Levin Dating Isaac Nakash Till Now?

From the looks and face charm of her, we can easily guess the numbers of her lovers. Well we will not say lovers exactly, as all of them fall on one-side lovers. If you are thinking Rachel Levin is still dating Isaac Nakash, you just fell in wrong place. Isaac is her boyfriend once but not now, they were love for some time before.

The monkey whispered, "hey how you doin lil mama lemme whisper in your ear" and I was inspired

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Nakash is the one who rose into media and tabloids being boyfriend of Rachel Levin. Apart from being her ex-boyfriend, he is YouTube star who is hosting his vlog named Izzy Dog Ham. Although he is not popular as his ex-girlfriend is, his subscribers count 20 thousands as of now.

Here is one video that Rachel uploaded with her ex-boyfriend: The Video named My New Boyfriend Tag!

Isaac and Rachel met for the first time in early 2013 and started the relationships go well in the same year. The duo hooked for three years and broke up. We can see their love life in Rachel’s YouTube Vlog, as she uploaded too many videos there.

What’s The Real Reason of Rachel and Isaac Breakup?

Once the former duo was prepared to take a big step and get married as they were in love for more than three years. So, why did they break up? What was the reason of their breakup?

In the year 2016, November, Rachel and Isaac officially broke up. Rachel posted two pictures in her twitter account. It was the official announcement to make clear about the split. Rachel mentioned about the reason in the caption about having misunderstandings. According to her, the breakup was on mutual consent.