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Is American Singer Taylor Dayne Married Or Is Single Mother? With Whom She Had Relation in The Past?

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For the people now, it’s usual to be single parent. The old belief of complete family with mother and father together does not mean a thing now. We have seen much of mother succeeded in upbringing their child without partner. One of the mothers who are successful in proving that is Taylor Dayne. Today we are discussing if Taylor Dayne married or really is single mother.

Well known as American singer, Dayne is able to up bring her twin children without the partner. Well, her life is interesting. She was able to love someone and then face loneliness. Still she is able to raise her kids.

Taylor Dayne Children: Astaria Dayne and Levi Dayne

Dayne’s two children: son Levi and daughter Astaria were born as twin in 2002 December. There was news about these children born as surrogated, but it isn’t still proved. Also, both of them do not know who their father is. It is because Dayne never told them.

Although their father name is unknown, the children are still happy with the parenting by mother. As for Taylor, she is keeping it secret to keep her children happy. Once she was interviewed by People, where she made this statement:

“I hope always to keep them happy and up bring them as successful persona in future.”

She further characterized her children:

“My children are precocious and different from others; they are always curious do learn something new.”

Going through her social accounts, we also found some photos of her children:

The twins…looking good..back to school

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Was Taylor Dayne Married? Who Was Her Partner Cum Boyfriend?

Dayne’s personal life is sealed off from public. Even in her page in Wikipedia, there is so little information. It states her not to be connected with anyone. As she is quite busy rearing her children for now, we still need to wait if she starts dating someone.

Taylor Dayne and John Enos III

According to Who Dates Who, Taylor is single, but in the page of John Enos III; it shows him to be connected with Taylor Dayne at past. Does this mean John to be father of these two children? We cannot confirm it as there is no proof, but we will be soon uncovering the truth.