Amelia Myre is still young, but she is already pretty popular for her relations with some of the prominent journalists in America. Everything you need to know about her.

Amelia Myre Is The Daughter Of Jennifer Griffin & Greg Myre

The young and beautiful Amelia Myre is better known as one of the beloved children of accomplished journalist Greg Myre and Jennifer Griffin. Her parents married in 1994 following their dating life after they first met in 1989 in South Africa.

Amelia Myre is the daughter of Greg Myre and Jennifer Griffin.
Source: Married Wiki

Amelia is an American by nationality but was born and brought up in Jerusalem when her parents moved there to cover news in Israel for their respective broadcasting companies. Needless to say, she spent the majority of her life in Israel until the situation with Israel and Palestine war got worse.

Amelia alongside her family then later moved back to the United States where they have been residing ever since. Specifically, the family of Myre lives in Washington where she also attends a school.

Amelia Myre Has Two Siblings

Amelia Myre isn’t the only child of her parents, Jennifer Griffin and Greg Myre who are also parents to two other more children including a son and a daughter. Myre is, in fact, the middle child of her parents.

Amelia Myre alongside her siblings and parents.
Source: Columbia Journalism Review

Well, she has an older sister named Annalise Myre who was also born in Israel. Both sisters partly spent their early childhood in the Middle East. As for her other siblings, Myre is an elder sister to a younger brother named Luke Myre.

As for Luke, he was, however, born in Washington after Amelia and her parents moved back to America. All three kids of Griffin and Myre now reside in the States. Other than that, Amelia’s sister publicly supported Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for the presidential election of 2020.

Amelia Myre Attends Georgetown Day High School

Since moving back to the States, Amelia Myre has been educated in America. Speaking of which, she goes to Georgetown Day High School and as a high school student, she will soon graduate and finish school, as of 2020. Myre who is currently seventeen years old also seems excited to join college.

Amelia is also pretty athletic and can actively participate on Track & Fields. Interestingly, she likes to participate on social work and previously founded initiatives to provide support for the injured veterans in the war.

Matter of fact, Amelia was then awarded by the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards in 2016 for her inspiring and beneficial contribution. From this, one can definitely tell she has a bright future and will continue the legacy of her parents.

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