It has just been a few months of happiness for Amber Portwood. She was overjoyed being engaged to her fiancé and had appeared in the headlines. But it looks like there has been huge trouble in the paradise as their wedding is reportedly being called off.

Let’s find out the reason for this feud. Also, learn all about Amber Portwood’s journey so far.

Halts her wedding plan with fiancé, a huge complication in their love life!

This is the second time for Amber Portwood and Matt Baier that their wedding has been called off. Amber was proposed by her boyfriend, Matt Baier for the first time in November of 2014.

Their proposal was recorded by MTV for the reality show Teen Mom, and it aired their proposal episode on March 3, 2014.

They started dating from October of 2014, and it was only one month after in November of 2014 when Matt decided to ask her hand in marriage. This act of theirs was highly sketchy, and many claimed it to be just for the cameras.

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When and why was the marriage called off?

Their marriage was called off for the first time in August of 2016 when Amber found out the truth about Matt Baier. She found out that he is a father of almost five children from three different marriages and he is constantly failing to pay child support of his huge number of children.

Things again were better for the couple as moved in together living in the same house and were working on their relationship. But happiness never seemed to last for long with this couple as they recently had a fight in Las Vegas where they had gone to attend their friend’s marriage.

Caption: Amber and Matt attending their friend’s marriage in Las Vegas.

The reason for their fight was Matt got carried away in Las Vegas with the wedding environment going around and proposed to Amber to marry him then and there.

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Amber responded saying she needed a minute and that’s going Matt felt bad about being rejected. Amber had only called to ask her brother about this decision.

Caption: Video footage of entire proposal rejection incident which caused their marriage to be halted again.

There were also rumors of Matt cheating on Amber which came into Amber’s notice a year later about the incident that might have caused Amber’s change of heart regarding the marriage. The pair is reportedly still living together and doing their best to work their issues out. Amber says to E! News,

“We’re working things out. We’re working on our issues, That’s all that needs to be said.”

We hope things really turn out to be well for the couple and whatever is holding them back soon resolves for their relationship to be better. 

Amber Portwood: Wiki, previous affairs, and net worth!

Teen Mom OG star actress Amber Portwood was born on 14th of May, 1990. Her birthplace is Anderson, Indiana. Amber was previously dating Gary Shirley with whom she had a baby girl at the age of 18.

Things ended very badly for them as Amber was reported to have physically abused Gary in front of their child. She also remained in prison for drug abuse. Their daughter’s name is Leah Leann Shirley.

Teen mom star Amber Portwood had just been engaged with her fiancé, is their wedding off already? Did her fiancé cheat on her? Find it all here about this story and also her journey in life so far
Caption: Amber, Gary and their daughter Leah together as a family.

Photo Credit: teen mom junkies

Amber Portwood gained most of her fame from acting in “16 and pregnant” and “Teen Mom OG.” She has also won awards for her acting in these shows and has worked really hard to be where she is today.

She has a net worth of $10 thousand and is looking for more future in Hollywood.