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Alyssa Nicole Pallett is a Canadian actress who stepped in the entertainment industry landing her first major role in 2006. In addition, she is a model and has already posed for the Playboy magazine and even featured in the magazine’s spread.

Though Alyssa Nicole Pallett only played in a hand full of movies, the fans still remember her contribution. Well, how much net worth has she amassed? What are her earnings from her works? Get all the answers in the following articles.

How Much is Alyssa Nicole Pallett’s Net Worth?

Alyssa Nicole Pallet has an estimated net worth of $200K. She made her all of her fortunes from her acting and modeling career.

YouTube: Alyssa Nicole Pallett’s movie American Pie trailer.

On average, an actor earns a salary of $22,718 per year or $11.65 per hour in Canada. Since she worked in a number of movies, she surely earned a good sum of money. Furthermore, as someone who modeled for Playboy, she definitely earned decent bucks. A typical Playboy model receives an annual payroll of $55,408-$60,614.

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Alyssa even appeared in a few hit movies. As a matter of fact, she acted in the American comedy film American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile which released in 2006. The movie made on a budget of $15 million grossed more than $27 million.

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With the reputation and fame which she holds, she can surely afford to live a luxurious lifestyle.

Does Alyssa Nicole Pallett Have Anyone Special?

Currently, there seems to be no one special in Alyssa Nicole Pallett’s life and is most probably single. It appears she is yet to meet her other half. Hopefully, she will find her match in the future.

Alyssa Nicole Pallett posing for a picture
Alyssa Nicole Pallett

SOURCE: HowOld.co

Despite earning name and fame among the audience, it is a bit surprising that Alyssa is not active on social media. It looks like she prefers to live a low key lifestyle without any public and media interferences which is understandable.

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Even though Pallett is seen less on the camera these days, her fans will remember her always. And we also hope that she is living a happy and joyful life no matter where might be.

Quick Facts of Alyssa Nicole Pallett

Where was Alyssa Nicole Pallett born?

St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada

What is Alyssa Nicole Pallett’s nationality?


What ethnicity does Alyssa Nicole Pallett belong to?


Where did Alyssa Nicole Pallett receive her education?

New York Film Academy and Stella Adler Conservatory

When and which was Nicole Pallett’s first movie?

American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile (2006)

Which color eyes does Nicole Pallett possess?


What is Nicole Pallett’s hair color?


How tall is Alyssa Nicole Pallett?

5 feet 7 inches

How old is Alyssa Nicole Pallett?

33 years old.