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If you ever watched the reality television show, Graveyard Carz, Allysa Rose must be a familiar name. Allysa tied the knot with Josh Rose and her married life was blissful with two children.

The couple also appeared on the reality TV show Graveyard Carz produced by Allysa’s father.Things were quite well before suddenly Josh Rose disappeared from the car show. Rumors quickly spread that the couple split and many speculated that Allysa and Jack officially divorced.

In contrast, some sources said that the car show paid Josh Rose too little. So, what is the truth?If the couple is already divorced, why don’t they publicly reveal their marital status to teh public? If they are still together, why does Allysa post photos of her dating somebody else?

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Scroll down to know in detail about Allysa Rose’s married life and the rumored break up with her husband along with her family details and net worth in our Allysa Rose wiki bio here.

Allysa Rose’s Married Life: Why Divorce Rumors Of Josh Rose’s Wife?

Divorce rumors spread at a fast pace when Josh Rose suddenly disappeared from the reality TV show Graveyard Carz. The shows come in series and both Allysa Rose and her husband starred in the show. Josh was an inseparable part of the show from 2011 till 2014.

Allysa Rose's former husband, Josh Rose
Allysa Rose’s husband, Josh Rose.

All of a sudden, the audience found him missing from the show but, to their happiness, Allysa Rose continued. Her continuity satisfied the show goers and car lovers but not those who dig into the relationship status of the Carz stars.

Because he suddenly went off the screen, the disappearance was linked with the relationship status of the couple. None of them confirmed nor denied the divorce rumors.

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But Allysa Rose’s subsequent Instagram post has two lovemaking poses followed by the emoji of man and woman. The poses can instantly compel you to grasp the sense that the mates involved are in love.



A post shared by Allysa Rose (@llysylys) on

However, there are no details available if the pair is still together. At the moment, there seems to be no post about her beau on her Instagram profile. Does that mean, they have broken up?

Allysa Rose Dating a New Hunk

Allysa Rose married Josh Rose and the couple bore two children together. Unverified rumors now say that they have already split and Allysa is dating her new boyfriend now. However, there is no reliable source whatsoever.


Her recent Instagram post on October 14, confirms that she is in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend whose name is Chris Wanke. Allysa’s post also fuels the fire to those speculations which says that she is in fact already married to the new man of her life.

The couple welcomed a daughter in 2015. 

Hence, it seems Allysa Rose is dating or is married to her beau Chris Wanke. But, in recent days, there has not been any news or posts whatsoever about the couple.

So, until the pair, Allysa Rose and her boyfriend Chris Wanke, themselves talk or officiate their relationship, we cannot say anything.

Allysa Rose’s Wiki Bio: A Short Synopsis of Her Age, Parents, Husband, And Boyfriend

The reality TV show Graveyard Carz (2011-present) famed Allysa Rose was born in the same year as Irene Choi1992, and that makes her age 26. She started appearing on the reality TV series on cars since 2012 and continues to work on the show up to this age.

Allysa Rose and her father
Allysa Rose and her father.

It is surprising that a girl who was surrounded by cars in her family environment was hardly interested in cars in her childhood. She would rather go for dancing classes.

Furthermore, she took the training classes for classical ballet, ballroom dancing, jazz, hip-hop, and tap. Allysa would sometimes go with her father for the dirt bikes and quad rides.

Allysa’s father, Mark Worman, is the producer of the show Graveyard Carz which created interest of cars in Allysa. Slowly, the indifferent car child built a strong passion for cars.

Allysa Rose is really close to her grandpa. Yes, you heard that right. She is more acquainted with her grandfather than her father. Recently, she posted a tribute to her grandpa stating that he is her original bestie.

“He taught me how to ride a bike before my dad taught me how to ride dirt bikes, he taught me how to fish before my dad taught me how to work on cars.”

Allysa also stated that all of her traveling and outdoor experiences have always been with her grandpa.


Well, we now know right, how special her grandpa is to Allysa.

Allysa Rose’s Net Worth

Allysa Rose collaborates with her father, Mark Worman, for the reality TV show Graveyard Carz. Her enthusiasm for cars makes the show popular and garners her with thousands of followers.

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Her TV acting profession is in the making, but her attractive personality and love and passion for work indicate that she has a bright future in the entertainment industry.


She is on the way to accumulate a good amount of net worth. Currently, Allysa Rose’s net worth is under review, however, some sources which are not much reliable, say that her net worth is $500 thousand. We will soon update her exact net worth once she officially announces it.

Apart, Rose is an animal lover. She owns a German Shepard breed dog which costs around $500$1500.

Allysa Rose’s Social Media Usage

The Graveyard Carz star, Allysa Rose is quite active on her social media platform, Instagram but, she has no accounts on Twitter and Facebook.


On her Instagram, she has over 26k followers with just over 700 posts. She usually garnered a total of 25k likes and 1k comments on her Instagram posts. Through her ads and endorsements on Instagram, she earns around $145 to $242 per post.

Allysa Rose Body Measurement

  • Height = 5 feet 7 inches
  • Weight = 59kg
  • Body Measurement = 37-27-35 inches
  • Age = 27

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